Yes, we are Still Here!!

I have been a very bad blogger, lately. I am not really sure why..I think mainly because I don't know what to write.

Even now, I don't know if I should talk about my two trips, and update you on my health, or talk about how much I am dreading Mothers' Day this year. Or I could just talk about our mundane life:)

Well, I think I will do a bit of everything, and do a semi-short update.

The first weekend in April, Anker and I went to my parents' for about 24 hours. I barely remember what we did. I think we just helped out, and generally had a good time.

On Sunday, April 10, my friend and I boarded a bus to Vancouver. I was going to Van for about 2 days' worth of Dr's appts, and Anker wasn't able to take time off, as we were going Edmonton later in the month (more on that in a bit), but I didn't want to go alone. So, I asked my friend. We had a great time. We stayed at the Windsor Guest House. I really like it, although this time, the beds weren't the greatest..but we got our own private bathroom, which was nice. I would recommend to anyone who is planning to stay in Vancouver for a bit. I won't do a play by play of our trip, but I will say that it was fun..the high lights....eating at White Spot, going to Granville Island, and having tea at a little tea shop..oh, and going to the Christian book store. The weather there was sooo beautiful (well, on Monday, at least). It was a nice time, and I think my friend really enjoyed her time away.

As far as what the Dr's. said..I am still going for more tests, etc. I have an overnight oxymetry on Monday night (where I sleep w/ an pulse-ox monitor on my finger), to read my oxygen lvls while I sleep. My AbG's (a blood test that is done in the wrist) were good. I also am having a walking test here in Kamloops. I had one in (very short) at the Lung Centre, and my o2 lvls were in the 80's. Not cool. So, I may have to have oxygen while I walk, etc. I also may have to have modified duties at my work. I can't work 4 (or sometimes longer) hours w/ only one 15 m break. I need to take little breaks during my shift, (b/c I talk so much w/ my job, I tend to get out of breath easily) so I am seeing my Dr in about 2 weeks to see what he can do. I also saw my internist here on the 13th, and I really have to decrease my a lot more than I am doing:( It's hard, b/c EVERYTHING has salt in it!! I also need to try and lose more weight:( I also could be diabetic:( Blah:( Oh..I also saw the Metabolic Clinic and the EMG clinic. Basically, nothing is new there...they don't think it's a Metabolic issue, nor do they think it's a muscle issue.

We also got two new things..our Dig Camera died around Christmas time, and we had been looking for a semi-cheap camera since then. In early April, Anker was looking through the CT catalogue when he came across a Kodak DC. It was at a great price, so we just decided to go for it..and with $10 off in store coupon, it made it even better! We also decided (ok, me) to get a cell phone. We haven't had one for about a year, and we have really missed it..well, actually, I have only missed it for the last month or so. Especially with our car not 100% (again, more on that in a minute), and w/ me going to the ranch probably more often, I wanted a phone to take with me. We were really afraid w/ going w/ a contract, though, so we were putting it off. Well, we ended up finding a good deal w/ Koodo. It seems like a good one. It is just what we need....something simple and not complicated!!

So, btwn the trip to Van, and the trip to Edmonton, I really don't think anything much happened, or at least nothing to blog about:)

This last weekend, we went to Edmonton. Anker and I hardly ever make travel plans!!! Seriously..just ask my family..we will say that we are thinking of coming up..but we never say (for sure) until the day or so before..why? Because things COME UP!!! Or, Anker may not be able to take the day off like we thought....well, we decided to make plans for this trip....about two weeks before we left, Anker reserved the hotel..about $200. Well, about 2 days before we leave..Anker starts to notice a leak in our car...he tried to fix it, thinking that it was the water pump, but that wasn't it. He decided to take in to get it looked at, and I don't really understand it all, but it has something to do w/ the intake gaskett. He was going to try to fix it himself, but he realized (and after talking to my dad) that he shouldn't really fix it himself. We call different places, to see if they can fix it..but since we were leaving on the 21st, there wasn't really a lot of time. No one can fix it that, we decide that we are going to rent a, we rent a car..more problems..thankfully, it gets worked out. We get the car....and we leave the next day. The trip is lovely..such beautiful weather. We check into our hotel....DH realizes that he didn't bring is current CC w/ him!! Our hotel is great....maybe I will write a review on here about it some day....and we can finally relax now!!. It was an ok weekend...we just spent time hanging out, and being together..we did manage to get to a mall. The trip home went well. Another beautiful day. We spent time at my parents place on the way back. It was such a beautiful couple of days. On Sunday, we went to church, and I hung out all afternoon..playing w/ the new puppies, and hanging out w/ the orphan lambs. I loved chatting w/ family and friends. We had an Easter Dinner on Sunday night, and we enjoyed getting it all ready:) Only missing Luke and Amanda!! Gave the rental car back..nearly $ our car back..nearly $1K....(not kidding), and it still needs more work done. Oh well..such is life..right? Glad we went away..even though the events leading up to it were a bit stressful!!

I will put my thoughts on Mothers Day on another post...Hugs to all!


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