Friday, January 5, 2018

Five on Friday (And Happy New Year)!!!

I will post about Christmas and New Year hopefully soon. I thought I would be blogging TONS while I was off, but I guess not. LOL. I hope you all had a great C and NY. Ours was very good. But I will fill you all in on another post. But are my top five faves of/from this last week (I may have a few more than five!)!

1) Double Star Day:

I had my first DSD of 2018 at Starbucks the other day, so of course I **had** to partake! I ordered a Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, and it was DELISH!

2) These AMAZING Pies:

On NYE, Anker and I had a nice evening; we ate fun food, and watched two movies, and we also had Key Lime Mini Cheesecakes. Oh.My.Word. It was SO GOOD!!! They were on 2 packages for $8, otherwise, I might not have bought them. I may have to buy them again.

3) New Day Planner:

I bought a new PINK day planner from Wal-Mart the other day, and I really like it. It doesn't have the calendar, only the note pages (which I didn't realize until after I bought it), but I think I will still keep it.

4) New Health Concoction:

I will be posting about this soon, as well. But I have started on a new health concoction for a health issue. I am happy that I might have found something to help it.

5) New Tupperware:

I realize that most of these favourite contain the word "new". Oh, well. Anyway...I also won some Tupperware at my Team Meeting on Tuesday. I bought some raffle tickets, as they usually have things to win. I ended up winning a huge sparkly bowl, and four well as winning a container with Tupperware's 70th Party logo on it! I am excited about my Tupperware business this year. I hope to get more parties, and more orders this year.

6) Day at the Library:

I spent nearly 6 hours at the library the other day, and it was SO FUN! I read my magazines, and I loved it!!!

7) Getting things Done:

I didn't get a ton done over the holidays, but I DID manage to get my brakes done on the car, cleaned out the fridge, and today, and I washing bedding.

Those are my faves this week! What are yours?

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