The Perfect Gift (I think).

Just came back from a busy day. It was fun, though..but I am super-tired. Church, then lunch out (by myself, as DH was sick), and ran a few errands, then home for an hour..then helped my brother look after Hayden while he did some errands...came home, and picked up my sister from the airport, and delivered her to my brother to take her home! The weekend went well...pretty busy, but fun, too..I baked cookies...went to see a movie, went to dinner..went to two parties on Friday..I think I am only going to work half of the week, since our boss said we could take some extra time off.

Well, I finally found the perfect gift for Baby T's mummy. It is actually the same thing that we bought for ourselves..but when I found it at another store, I realised that it would be the perfect gift. I won't say what it was, since his mummy hasn't gotten it yet (stupid Canada Post!!), but I really hope they get it soon!!! I had my Sister in law write his name, bdate, on the back..(she is a much better printer than I am!!). I ended up making her a card, b/c I didn't feel that any of the Christmas cards fit. I wanted to give them something to let them know that I am thinking of them during this time.

I was thinking of getting 8 more of the same, for my mum, as she has lost 8 babies through miscarriages...I think that even though she "just" had a miscarriage, it's a baby, and it's our sibling that we never got to meet, and I want to let her know that I will never forget, either.

Well, nothing else more to say for now..Have a great Week!


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