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I thought I would link up TToT this week, but since I hadn't (yet) done a Friday Link up/TToT (just didn't get to it this week..I still might), I thought i would link up with an old Friday Link up post. I hope that's ok to do!! 


Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a good wknd. Mine was ok...I have a lot of things on my mind, which was partly why I didn't do the Friday link ups on Friday.

Warmer Weather: We have been having warmer weather here in BC, and I like it! Well, except for the other day, when it was FREEZING! I am very closet to getting my capri's and sandals out.

Starbucks Mug: I got a new Starbucks travel mug the other day. It was a great price, and it is huge...however, I am not a fan of the lid. It is a bit awkward to drink from/out of. Oh well.

Health System: I love (for the most part) Canada's health system. It is free! My mom was in the hospital on Friday (which was part of the stuff that's on my mind), and the doctor was so thorough, and wants her to go for more tests. But the part I am happy about is that it is ALL FREE! She didn't have to pay a dime! I love on how they are making strides health care. There are so many things they can do these days. It's awesome.

Hubby's Liver Levels: Anker went for a follow up to his doctor for his liver enzymes blood test he'd had the week prior. All but one level is NORMAL!! We are very happy! God is good!!

FRIENDS/Grey's Anatomy: I have been watching Friends lately, especially when I go to bed at night. I have all 10 seasons, and I LOVE them! I go through periods when/where I will watch them. And laugh. A LOT. I also watched most of Season 1 of GA on Saturday. Love it. I have a few seasons (not chronological), and I have been debating on whether I should get all 10, or sell the ones I have. I think I have decided that I will keep the ones I have, and continue getting them. But man, are they expensive!!!

...and a few Extra..just because I can...

Not Spending as Much: K, this isn't TOTALLY true...cause I spent a bit this wknd..HOWEVER..we are trying not to spend as much...and prior to this wknd, I actually hadn't spent a lot. I DID manage to put a few bucks into our savings..yay!

God is in Control: I am learning this. Like every day. Every, every day! I just wish that we would have more than a week or two when/where things would go smoothly, but sadly, that is not the case with us. Ha! So, when bad things happen...I get upset, stressed, frustrated...and mad. BUT I also know that God is there...right beside us. HE is in control, even if we don't feel it.

Good BGM's: Well, they haven't ALL been good, but most of them have. I am talking about blood sugars. I am trying (ok, not super hard, but trying, none the less) to eat a bit better. The one thing that I love about work is that we almost always have a salad. So, I will sometimes have two helpings. Yum. I also had veggies with my pizza the other night.

Family and Friends Who Care: I love that I can call on my family and friends to rant about what has been going on....which is what I did on Friday and Saturday. They all care and love me (us) so much. I heart them.

New Stuffy: I have a thing for stuffies. I love them. I have had to throw a few away/give them away/b/c I simply don't have the room. Every Easter, however, Anker usually buys me a stuffed it a bunny, or a sheep. When I came across these little guys at Shoppers Drug Mart, I KNEW had to have one....(some of you may remember that I used to play a game on Facebook called Fluff Friends..after a few pets (you could change ever so often), I ended up with a Sheep (u). They had 4 or 5 different colours of sheep (u's) -they fake-named the animals-, and I got the Golden Sheep (u)), who I named Goldilocks. So, yes, that, coupled with the fact that I am from a sheep ranch, makes me LOVE SHEEP (and they make a great supper!)!
 I am going to name her Pink :)
My Sheep collection

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Weekend Wrap Up:

Friday, I woke up fairly early (for me), and hubby and I did hung out and relaxed. Anker and I also looked at a trailer that we saw online that was for rent. I got my blood work done, and then went to grab McD's for breakfast. Then, we went to see the trailer. We really liked it, but we didn't give them a definite answer, and someone came after us and said that they wanted it. Grr. I had my Chiro appt (it was payday, so I did spend a bit more than usual, plus my neck and chest were bugging me, so I figured that it was time to go for a tune up) , grabbed a pop at McD's, and read until I had to work. Work went well, for the most part...I don't want to talk about it. Lol. I had a HORRIBLE night's sleep on Friday; was anxious, etc.

Saturday, I slept in, and relaxed in the morning. I think I called a few family members, which was nice. I went out to the park and read magazines for a few hours, and then met up with a friend to watch Cinderella. LOVED it. Grabbed a few things from Superstore, and a pizza for us for supper, and watched hockey (VAN vs DAL...DAL won), and hung out in our room.on the computer..and I watched Grey's Season 1. I called my cousin, and we talked for over an hour. I stayed up late (until 2 am!) jounalling and watching GA SS1.
 I pretty much missed the sun, but I DID manage to get a bit of sun on my legs.

Sunday, I slept until 10 am, quickly got dressed, and went to church. I was a half hour late. Grr. Oh well. It was a good service. I met up with my friend at Taco Del Mar for lunch. Yum. Oh, and I may or may not have stopped at Starbucks for a steamed milk and oat bar. Maybe. She had to return something at a store, so we looked at clothes. I didn't know that they had large sizes...and I almost bought a top, but I can't justify spending $25 on a top. Went to Wal-Mart  ******I interrupt this blog post/update for a PUPPY PICTURE BREAK Let's take a moment to look, discuss, drool, over these ADORABLE puppies???********

These puppies were outside Wal-Mart yesterday. They are from a local adoption agency. We probably spent a half hour just drooling over and holding them. I held the puppy with the "All Girl" sweater, and I also loved the little guy sleeping. EEK! For $500, he could have been mine. 

****...and we now we continue with this regularly scheduled blog post.... ****

 and bought a few things...including a top that was $9...and came home. I ditched my poor friend who was in the bathroom, b/c I suddenly HAD to leave, since I wasn't feeling well AT ALL. I felt bad, but we talked it out, so it's all good. I came home, and had a nap. I was on the computer a fair amount this wknd. I went to church with my brother and his wife, since they had asked me/us to come with them. Anker was feeling horrible (which I didn't know the extent of until later), so he didn't do much this wknd. He worked on his bike a bit on Saturday. My friend texted me asking if I wanted her vacuum for $20, so after church, I grabbed Tim's, and went to her house (which is in our complex), and we hung out and watched two episodes of FRIENDS. I came home, Fb'd and read magazines, while Anker got caught up on Remedy on shomi, while I listened and read my plethora of magazines!

******I am doing VERY little cleaning/packing-though I did do two loads of laundry this weekend..that still have to be folded and put away-until we have a place, and have moved (and also because hubby is working in his bike IN OUR KITCHEN. Yah, don't get me started). I don't see the point! I AM going to do a bit of organizing of our stuff; throwing stuff out, donating, help us when we DO start packing! Although I have been doing this on and off for about a year, so that's good.**********

Other than stuff weighing me down, it was a good wknd.

Oh...and here is something that I found is on Global BC's website, but I found (like everything else) it on Facebook...this just breaks my heart...Just b/c we are infertile, it doesn't mean that I don't feel for pregnant ladies...and they (like everyone else) should NEVER be this, and see if you don't get angry.

Yes, this is getting WAY longer than I thought or anticipated...but here are a few pictures from the week...

 I met up with my aunt and uncle on Thursday for a visit and coffee...I had a hot chocolate with their apple chips..

 I made supper at home for the first time in AGES!!! Steak, potatoes and peas. Yum.


ivy walker said…
Gotta love free necessary health care....puppies (even when you just get to visit with them) and a good fuzzy sheep collection never hurts either!!!!!
Kim L said…
Puppies and stuffed sheep make everything better:)
Val said…
Free health care is something that would be WONDERFUL in the states. Glad you can save a few bucks from your spending and you have fuzzy cuddles in you life. :)
Anonymous said…
Free health care...a wonderful thing.
Good bloodwork and health reports are always good - that made my list this week, too!
Have a great week!
Christine said…
I was with you all the way to the end and saw the peas. There are two foods I just can't choke down. Peas is one of them. But if you like them, feel free to eat them. :)

I go through phases where I just can't get myself (or the schedule) together to plan meals. I am not a fan of flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to meals, but sometimes, it just happens.
Afshan Shaik said…
Those happy pics sure can make any one smile. Specially the pup and food pics

Have a great time :)
The A Team said…
Thank you all for visiting my blog! Christine...that's too funny about the mom can barely eat them. I love puppies!!!

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