2015: The Year of the New/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Happy Tuesday!!!

I am declaring this year the Year of the New!!

SO MANY GOOD and FUN changes happening!

First off....(in order that things happened); I got a new PERMANENT position at work! Yay! This means, PAID VACATION (PAID, People, PAID), Lieu Days (even IF you haven't worked them), sick leave....aaaand BENEFITS! To say that I am happy is a bit of an understatement! God is GOOD! Hubby and I are very happy! My first date of the position started on Sunday :) I am very happy. I have a new key, a place in the vacation binder, and a mail box with my name on it. Oh, and I get to be assigned one of our clients, where I do updates and stuff :) I feel so special.

Secondly...two weeks ago, we got a "new-to-us" car. It is a 2001 Ford Taurus (and I can hardly say the word!!) Station Wagon. We LOVE it! We miss the Alero, of course, but this is now a safe and reliable car (at least for now). It only has 95K Km's on it, and we are the second owners. We DID have a little problem in/at the beginning (I think I talked about it here); well with it not starting when we brought it home, and all. We had to get a new battery, then realized that it was the starter. The Monday after we got it, we got the starter, and it, well, started! What a happy day!
Thirdly...we got news from our LL that we will be moving this year, and I was told today that we will be moving on June 1. This is a bitter-sweet time, since I have been here almost 9 years; hubby and I together here for almost 8. This will be me our first move together! Fun times!!! So, we have A LOT of junk to go through! I have been going through a lot already, so that will help. I HATE moving, but I think a fresh change will be good! I hope to move closer to work, and hopefully to the nephew (although they might be moving up here..eek!), which will be nice.

Fourthly....we are getting a new Sister in Law (love). Seth (nearly 20), is marrying a young lady who's family we all know and love. We are very happy for them, even if they are a little young. No, they aren't pregnant, yes, we know they are young...but at least they are doing things the right way (no moving in together, etc). I grew up with her dad, and her mom is from Oregon, so we will have some American influence in our family!!! I LOVE her mom, and it is too bad that we never were really lived in the same city at the same time, b/c I KNOW we would have become AWESOME friends...:) (We already are...just not able to talk all the time)

So, those are the NEW and EXCITING things happening in the W household:) 

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