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Well, I am pretty late in post for last Friday's link up, so I thought I would start up a post for this Friday's link ups! I am meeting someone for coffee, then it is off to work, so Friday will be pretty busy, so I thought I would start one up now :)

I have found 3 more link ups, which is totally cool! I love me some blog link ups!!!

SO...I will have a few more than 5 things :) I will also keep adding on UNTIL Friday makes an appearance!!

1) New Car!!!

Our Alero has been giving us problems for, well, ever..!!! We finally had to bite the bullet, and spring for a car that is safe on the road. We found through word of mouth about a Ford Taurus 2001 with 95K KMs. After some initial issues with the battery, then the starter, we got it on the road! We love it!
We borrowed the month from my aunt and uncle, which was very kind of them, and we love having a safe and reliable car. Oh...did I mention that it was only $900?

2) Old Car!

We had to say good bye to our Alero yesterday. So sad! We were able to get a few bucks for it, which (as always) will help. It was sad saying goodbye to our car! She will be parted out.
 Me saying good bye to Ally :)

Bye, Ally!

3) Date Days & Nights

We dulled the pain with a trip to McDonald's; where we had the Shamrock Shake. Yes, it is very sweet...but it is SO GOOD!!! We also shared a large Fries. Yum!! Tonight, we are off to a Blazer's Hockey Game! They have beat the Washington teams the last two times, and tonight, they are up against the Prince George Cougars. If they win, they will get a spot in the WHL Playoffs! We are going to grab supper before we go.

Our snacks from yesterday...

I have already written a post about this, but a week or so ago, Anker and I went to the ranch for the day. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we had some lovely time together, and with the family. Plus, I got to play with fire!! You can read about it here. For a belated VDay dinner, Anker and I went out the day we got the car going (two Monday's ago, I think?) for DQ. So good, as usual!

4) Time with Family & Friends

On Saturday night, my friend/neighbour had her 40th Friend Bday Party! It was a blast! I felt bad that I had to bail early, since I had to work the next day (bc my position started on Sunday, I only had Saturday off, and not the entire wknd). We went to Carlos O'Bryan's, and as always (ok, I have only been there a couple of times, but I have gone to their family restaurant a few times) it was yummy food! I had their Pachos and Crab Sticks. Yummy! I didn't take any pictures, but it was good.

Before work on Monday, I met up with my SIL for "coffee", but since I had slept in to a ridiculous hour, I hadn't eaten, it turned into lunch. Red Beard is a great locally owned coffee shop in town, and they have recently re-vamd their menu. I am actually not sure if I like their new menu or not, but I did have their sandwich; The Vegentary, and it was VERY good! Almost worth the $6 that I pd for it.

Monday after work, a friend/co-worker and I met for a drinks at a local watering hole, Bailey's Pub. I had 3 Virgin Ceasers for the price of one, and we shared a plate of onion rings! Yummy! I got home around 11.

5) Time with Myself

This never changes! But I haven't gone out and had "coffee" and relaxed for awhile. I particularly enjoyed last night...eating popcorn, watching Judge Judy, and blogging :)

This afternoon, I picked up a few things, and stopped at a local store/coffee shop. I wouldn't go there again for coffee, but I went partially b/c they do have AWESOME merguines, and hubby loves them, so I bought a few for him.

6) Starbucks

They have a new menu, and their Maple Macchiato is back! My friend and I went there a week or so ago (March 3, which was when they launched their new menu), and it was fun to try a seasonal bevvy, and try some new food items. I tried their chocolate croissant, and it wasn't bad.
7) New CD

I bought Katy Perry's new CD PRISM on last pay day. I love it..I gotta say!

8) New Purse and Wallet

I bought a new purse and wallet last pay day...mainly b/c I needed one. I love it...I got it at T@rget for a few bucks off, which was nice (all Target's are closing in Canada this June).

9) Pinterest!
I have been back into pinning lately! I have also been updating my boards, etc. So fun.

10) My sister is coming home in June!

Very happy to announce that my sister is coming home for a month this summer! I will say more when she arrives...but suffice it to say, I am very happy! We have been chatting on FB lots, which has been nice.

11) Gift Cards

We have had a few gift cards given to us in the last bit. I have already used the Bed, Bath and Beyond card (it wasn't so much a gift card, as left over from a gift that Mom got Anker for his birthday). We hope to use them up SOON for some date nights!

12) Warmer Weather

We reached the high of 19.9C today! This was the highest in the country!! Love it!! I wish I had taken a screen shot of the temp today, but this was from the other was 10C, and still quite nice.

I think I will be breaking out my Capri's and sandals soon!

13) Better Eating, Better Blood Sugar's, more Exercise
I have been trying (ok, not too hard, but still...I am trying), to not eat as much sugar, and generally just eat healthier. I don't always succeed, but I do try...and I have been a bit more diligent with taking my blood sugar readings, and they (for the most part) have been pretty good. I also found out that my 3 month A1C was 6.8, which is good. My doctor is happy, and so am I! I have been getting more exercise at work, which is good :)

14) Spring (Blog!) Cleaning!

The other day, I deleted a bunch defunct blogs, and/or ones that I don't follow anymore. I also ended up adding a few more. Ha! Oh well. It's fun to find new friends, right? I think I follow 180 blogs. Sad, but true.

15) Childless Support Facebook Groups

There are actually a few more that I belong to..not just CS ones....and let me tell, they have been such an awesome support for me. I love these ladies (I know there are a few men in them, too...but I just end up chatting with the ladies).

It is now Thursday night...and I have added a few more things to my list :)


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