The Best $30 I Spent This Summer

I think I have blogged about this before, but I wanted to talk about the BEST $30 I spent this summer! Now, I don't claim to be a fashionista AT ALL! I am sure that I could be a candidate for the "What Not to Wear Show " (though my mom spent $$ on my LOVELY wardrobe last that is excepted)! I rarely buy brand (or big) name clothes/shoes/jewelry/purses. I rarely wear make up, but I will wear jewelry on occasion. Basically, I am not
"cool". I really don't know why I am saying some of you may know, I have bad feet. I wish I could be all cool and wear the funky shoes that I see people wear, and see in the magazines, but sadly, I cannot. I HATE socks in the summer; I usually wear flip flops or sandals in the summer (well from April until the snow flies,, as my feet get very hot in runners (though I can wear flats/"ballet"-type shoes, but my feet get hot in those, too). ANYWAY....I only really had a couple of pairs of summer shoes (one 3 or 4), and one set I could no longer wear, and the rest were flip flop-type sandals (or just flip flops). When I was at my parents' on my Bday Wknd (I think?), I went to Field's with my SIL, Cadence, and I was looking for sandals, b/c the ones I have/had aren't really good for school and life. Well, lo and behold, I FOUND THEM! They cost me $30, but they are/were worth every penny!!! They are VERY comfy; I can walk quite a ways/while in them (even at school!), and they don't hurt my feet!!! I wear them ALL the time!!! They go with EVERYTHING!!

I have never heard of Key West Sandals, but I will be looking for them from now on. I wonder if they are sold at/in Wal-Mart? These shoes have made my summer!


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