BC/Civic Day Long Weekend

In BC, we call it BC Day, but the rest of Canada calls it Civic Holiday. At any rate, it's a long weekend! Ok, that really doesn't matter for me during the summer, but hey, it's still worth blogging about, right?

Friday, Anker and I had appointments, cause we are old and cool like that (more on his appointment at another time). I dropped him off, and I went and met my sister at the mall. We had fries, and then browsed the book store and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond! My friend gave me a GC to/for that a couple of weeks ago, so naturally, I HAD to spend it. I bought my SIL some of her bday gift, and I bought us some hand soap (honey!) and 5 hand sanitizers (is anyone else bummed that they changed their hand sanitizer containers?). I may post a picture of them later. I still have $5 left to spend! We both had appointments, we parted ways. I went to the hospital to get my yearly Pulmonary Function Test. I usually have it in Vancouver, but I had asked if I could have here, so I can save money for a hotel, etc (it is usually a two day affair when we go down; it's nice to get away, but it is an expense we would like to avoid, if at all possible). I hadn't really been in the hospital's new "digs" yet, and I have to say that they were really nice! Lots of bright windows, and very airy! After my breathing test, I went to the library, the dollar store, and a few other places, and then I came home for an hour or so, until I went to a friend's baby's 1st birthday! I am doing a bit of babysitting for them this summer, and they have become really nice friends (and they live over the fence from me!). We had a lovely evening, and I may or may not have had a glass of wine! We had a lovely meal of salad and hamburgers, and of course cake! I am glad I went, as I was the only friend there. I got to get to know his grandparents a bit more, which was nice. I saw him smash his cake, which was really sweet. He loved his gifts, and he was partied out by the time we all left...at 8:30 (cause that's how we all roll!!).

Saturday, I stayed home. All.Day. I hadn't done that in AGES! I liked it, but I know now why I go out every day. Ha! I watched Amazing Race (x2), a movie that I had recorded on W (it was weird), 3 episodes of Saving Hope with Anker, a few episodes of Judge Judy, two episodes of Frasier (season 9), and 1 episode of Y&R. Then I had a nap. And, I even managed to clean up the living room a bit, and go for a walk. I also read some magazines (more on that in another post). I met up with my friend for a few minute walk, and then I came back and had an online Tupperware party. We had leftovers for supper.

Sunday, I slept in (ish) until 9. I relaxed, ate my breakfast, and then went the church where some of my friends go to. I even met another friend who was there, too! I went to Starbucks and journaled for a bit, and then I grabbed a few things from the grocery store. I came home, and watched a movie called Jewel (not Danielle Steel's Jewels), which was good. I did dishes, did a load of laundry, chatted with the apartment manager, tried to clean up a HUGE spot where our car is leaking probably tranny fluid (fun times), chatted with my aunt, and my dad, texted various people, and watched Frasier (on YT, cause the library doesn't have in for me yet). I did not get said HUGE stain from cement were said fluid is coming out. Ugh! I did, however, use a bath scrub brush for said stain. LOL. I think it will be off to CT tomorrow to find something to clean it, or we could be getting a huge bill for them to redo our parking spot. Grr!! Tonight, we had chicken pot pie and macaroni salad. Yum!

The smoke here is STILL really bad!!! I can't even go out in it for very long. At least last night, it cleaned for a bit, so the walk wasn't so bad. It was actually really nice on Friday evening.

Well, it is now Wednesday, but I wanted to finish this up about the weekend...

So Holiday Monday, I slept in until a ridiculous time, played on my laptop, then baked cookies with my respite client/friend, and visited with them for a bit, then came home and watched Dr. Phil, and then went to CT to get a few things. I tried to clean up our spot from the leak, then we had supper. I went to visit a former co-worker, and we had a lovely chat. I played on my laptop, and I watched TV (though I can't remember what), and I remade our bed, and I had a shower. So, that was our weekend!!

Here are some pictures:
                                                The birthday boy and I :)

                                         The fun things that I bought at Bath and Body Works.

This was the red sun on Monday night.


Unknown said…
It's funny because I made Cam take me to Bath and Body Works today! They had a sale on hand soaps so I stocked up. They were 10 for $35.50! I know what you mean about them changing the containers. I love the new scents. I'm glad that you came to Connor's birthday too! I wish more people would have came but with all this smoke I totally understand why they dont want to bring their little ones out.
The A Team said…
The sale does sound good!! I got their email, and I was tempted to head on back up there...:) What kinds of soaps did you get?

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