Five on Friday

I am actually feeling  a bit down today. I am stressed, as we are very financially strapped, and I have no clue as to whether I get a job this month.  I am kind of sad that we have to take the tree down soon. I didn't do as much as I wanted to over the Christmas season. I didn't read Christmas mags (or even mags in general) in front of the tv (while it plays Christmas music), and we didn't go and check out the lights, and we didn't walk downtown like I wanted.That being said, I am still happy (sort of).

Here are my FoF for this week:

1. Mark's Gift Card
Anker's sister sent us each a $25 GC to Mark's. I bought Christmas jammies, a tshirt, and texting gloves. Love them all. Gotta love January sales!

Hubby bought some long johns and battery operated socks:)

2. Scratch and Win Tickets
I have been a little obsessed with buying these the last few weeks. I am determined to win $20K. It has to be on ONE of those tickets, right? Heck, I will even settle for $100!!!

3. A quiet NYE with Hubby.
We had a nice time together. We had fun food, and drink, and watched the first two movies of the Narnia Series (we watched the third one the next day), and had a nice time together.

4. A Relaxing Week.
As much I wish I were working, and not having much money right now kind of sucks, I have (and still am) enjoyed the last couple of weeks, of Facebooking, cleaning, running errands, etc.

5. New TV Shows
Duck Dynasty and Downton Abbey! Yay, baby!!! They start next week!!!

5.1 Mary Englebreit, and Uncle John Bathroom Reader Calendar's
I got a nice one last year from my aunt last year, and it ended up being on my bedside table. I loved seeing a fun picture every week. I really wanted to get one again this year, but I just couldn't really justify spending nearly $12 on one (I think it was more, actually), so I settled for this one instead. It goes in my purse. Yes, I still write things down. Don't judge. LOL.
I also got an Uncle John BR A Page a Day Calender. And yes, I put it in the bathroom:) Love it (plus you get to go online and register for an email calendar, too)/


Bridget said…
LU neighbor :) battery operated socks, huh? I could use some batter operated gloves (have Raynauds) :)
Hubby has Raynauds, too:) Which was why we bought them!!!

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