An Update on Us

Yes, I am still around :) I am not just blogging to link up with blog hops/links. I just am not in the blogging mood much lately. That being said, however, I am looking forward to being back in the blogging world.

This is my first real update (other than FoF, etc) since Christmas! I know, bad blogger am I. Carrying on.

Here are a few new tidbits worth sharing (I think).

Anker has gone and applied for EI. He can't work at the church anymore, due to his hip/tendon.
He got some blood tests done, and he needs to go for some follow up blood work.

Our tree is finally down. Well, the decorations are down. The tree and lights are still up. I have noticed that other people are doing this as well, so I don't feel so weird.

I have been very lazy lately. I have been doing job search stuff; going for interviews, etc, but when it comes to house stuff, I just seem to not want to do it. I have been basically been either on the computer, out, or sleeping. Ok, not quite, but it feels like that.

Hubby and I haven't had a date in forever. Mainly because we can't afford it. We have been spending some time together, watching movies, in the living room each on our computer talking while we do our FB stuff/games, etc.  The drought (after two months) finally ended :)

I am still working at the delivery job. I like it, but it has been very quiet lately.

We have been VERY strapped lately. I don't know if we have ever been this bad of a situation before. If I didn't have my delivery job, gas or groceries. Thankfully some friends and family have helped us out a bit.

As I have said before, I am into too many TV shows. I am loving 90 Day Fiance. I am loving that show.  I am also debating about starting on The Bachelor. I may get into Scandal, and Saving Hope. I got the first season of Scandal from the library.

I have been very stressed, and not really connecting with people IRL. I mean, I have, but not on normal basis. Or maybe I have. I don't know. I have been snapping at people that I normally wouldn't snap at. I do talk on the phone, and maybe more than usual, but I still don't feel like talking to people like I used to. I am keeping to myself, I guess is what I am saying. When I go to church, I haven't been staying around and talking like I normally do (although I did last week). I am loving being a hermit right now.

This isn't really news, but anyone still use IG or Pinterest anymore? I do, but not as often I used to.

Well, I guess that is the news that I am willing to share at the moment.


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