A Weekend Update, and On My Knees

Edited Tuesday Jan 28, 2014.

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Happy Monday!!!

Even though there is no longer WS blog hop, but I wanted to do a weekend update anyway.

I have decided to BE in a good mood! I am tired of being depressed and grumpy! I KNOW this week will be awesome! It will also be a busy week. We have something going on every day, but except today this week. It is a good thing, as it keeps us busy, gets us out of the house a bit, and keeps us from going stir (house) crazy!

Friday as I said was a good day. My aunt said that she wanted to buy me some new shoes for when I get my new job. I had fun shopping for shoes. I even saw a few crazy ones!! I spent the rest of the day relaxing and wasting the day away. I did spend the rest of my WM GC on an US magazine, and grabbed a coffee at MCD's,and read for awhile, which as great. That evening, I started Scandal. I am still not sure what I think of it so far. I have only watched four epis so far, but I think I will continue with. I am half way through season 1 now. Around 9:30, my neighbour texted to say she was at Walmart, and asked if I wanted to shop with her. I met with her and we wandered around with nothing much to do. I bought some Club soda (FYI: my new fav drink is OJ and CS..YUMMO!!), and cat food. I know, I lead such an exciting life. You have to hold on to your hat when you're with me:) After our WM adventure, K invited me to her house. We watched a very odd movie, called "I Give it a Year". It was, well, interesting. I wouldn't recommend it, but it had some funny parts. I also helped her shave her cat. That was a very interesting experience!!! Came home around 1 am.

Saturday, I slept in, and relaxed for a bit, before going for coffee with the girls. I thought I had a free drink at SBX, but when I got there, it was a BOGO-Buy one Get one. I was about to leave without the girls seeing me (I didn't want to sit down without a drink, and I felt bad about having them buy me one), but they saw me, and offered to buy me one anyway. We had a nice time; visiting and relaxing, I love my girls!! I was going to grab a card from the dollar store, but it was too busy, so I left. Then it was off to the baby shower!

As I have stated here and here before, I usually find baby showers a little tough; a bit of an endurance contest, and I wasn't even sure if I was going to go. I told the Momma-to-be that I may not be able to come, as I didn't have enough money for the gift, and she was so sweet, and told me that I didn't have to have a gift in order to come. Somehow, her mom got wind of this, and asked if I could still come and take pictures (I usually take pictures when I go to church events) for her. I decided that I would go anyway. It was her first baby, and I felt that I should at least try to go. It was actually really fun! The mom-to-be, B, is due in in two weeks with a GIRL!! It is a usual Canadian custom to have the BS after the baby is born, but in the last few years, I have seen a lot more BS's happen before the baby is born. My SIL had one before N was born, and I have heard of a few others having it before. I honestly think that it should happen after. I mean, what if something happens to the baby when/after it's born? Plus you get to see and hold the baby. However, at this shower, there were two babies, and I got to hold our Associate pastors baby girl, Charisse (pronounced Karis-don't ask me why they chose to spell it that way) Emily who was born Dec 20th. She was SO cute!!!! I think one tear did fall when I held her. I quite enjoyed the shower, and I took pics on my friends camera, so I didn't take any on mine. She got TONS of gifts!!! She was so thankful!! I came home and relaxed and did who knows what until I got called out at 5:30. I did six deliveries, which was pretty fun. I am actually enjoying the job now. I don't mind doing it, and I was in a good mood. Came home and Fb'd before going to bed at, you guessed it, 1 am!!!

Yesterday, I slept in until 11. I actually nearly went to church, but I ended up staying in. We listened to the Christian Music Channel, and FB'd and hung out, and chatted with each other. We were going to go for our SBX date, but hubby wasn't feeling well, so I went to grab some drinks, and came home and watched a couple of movies. We watched Tangled, which we both loved.We also watched 2 Guns, which, if you can get passed the (too) many F-bombs that were used, and the bit of violence (PETA freaks beware!!), it was actually pretty funny. Hubs went to bed around 8:30, and I watched the last few minutes of Scandal (I had left in the middle of the 4th episode on Friday night), and Downton Abbey, and I watched Joel Osteen. Dad has been encouraging us to watch it. We all don't agree with 100% of what he says, but he is very encouraging to watch and listen to. I watched two prgrms that I had PVR'd, and I gotta say, that I really enjoyed them, especially the last one I watched, which was entitled "The Rain is Coming". It really spoke to me, and I was really encouraged after I had listened/watched it.

 After the prgrm, I did something that I hadn't done in awhile. I got on my knees, and I prayed. Hard. Well, I prayed. I prayed that I would get a job and SOON, and I thanked Him for all that he has (and will) done, and for how He has sustained us, through gifts, etc. I do pray, but I am probably not as fervrent as I should or I would like to be. I joke to my self and others that my life is a prayer. I pray all the time. I talk out loud to God. I thank Him. I cry (literally) out to Him. I just don't pray hard and on my knees like I know I should. I don't fast and pray. Last night, however, I got a yearning to get on my knees and really seek God, or at least pray. I am going to try to do this more often. I think this is what God wants His children to do; get on our knees, asking and thanking Him; in and for all things. Trust me, I am not theologian. I have my trust issues with God. I am not a perfect woman of God in the least. I have no clue on why I can't get a job (or haven't gotten one yet), and we can't have children. I don't always know or even believe that God has a plan for us; that He works His good in bad times. But I do know that God has sustained me (us) and I know He will continue to do so.

Have a great week!


Nonnie said…
Your post moves me. He hears your prayer and knows your heart. I'm glad you are thankful for what He has done. He will take care of you and continue to sustain you. I know He has for us, too.

I am also glad you went to the shower and enjoyed it. I know from experience how difficult that was for you, but it is something we have to face and I'm proud of you.

We like Downton Abbey.

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