My first Blog Posts

I am going through my blog tonight, reading it (doesn't everyone read their own blogs?? LOL), and I thought it would be fun to post a few of my first blog posts. To see how bad, uh, I mean on how far I have come in the blogging world. we go...

Blog post number one

Blog post number two

Blog post number three
I was going to try and re-vamp it, as I was having problems with the pictures loading, and it looks odd, but I think I will keep it, you know, as a momemento (or something).

One of the firsts posts under my (our) new Blog title, Musings of a Childless Mama

One of my first blog link ups, and one of the first "real" blog posts, you know after I became a "real"  blogger!!

The first time I ever correctly uploaded a picture

My first "real" blog post/link up with pictures, etc.

The first blog post where I was able to properly link to other bloggers/posts/websites, etc.

I hope you all chk them out! Enjoy!


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