Five on Friday/Random 5 Friday

Happy Friday, Ya'll!!

1. New hair style.
I have been pinning my hair back a couple of times this week, and I gotta say, I love it. I have shoulder length and very thick (read hot and heavy) hair, so I usually put it up in a bun. Well, I decided that I was tired of that, so thought I would pin it back. I loved it. It didn't. get in the way like I thought it would. Love it, and I am going to be doing it more.

2. Magazines.
I got my Chatelaine magazine this week (Feb issue). I got my Canadian Living magazine the other week, and I have already read most of it. I also went to the library the other day, and among the 50 magazines that I took out, I also got the People and US magazines that I didn't buy. Love my library.

                                                                      Jan issue.

                                                                       Feb issue.
                                                                     Jan issue.
                                          Feb issue (this is the issue that came this week).

3. Starbucks' Caramel Flan Latte.
Oh.My.Goodness. Just typing this out makes me want to get one. They are so good. Loving it. It isn't even as sweet as one would think.

4. TrainStation.
Thanks to my hubby, I am a bit addicted to it. I don't play as much as hubby, but I still do love it. I have also made a few nice friends through this game, too, which is nice. If you play TS, please add me on FB:)

5. Job Prospects.
Not going to say much now, but there have been a few leads on some jobs. So, that makes me happy.

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                                                                 Random 5 Friday

1. I am looking forward to the Olympics. Yes, even though I don't play sports, I love to watch them. I love figure skating. This is the Olympics that we Canadians really shine at. Yes, will probably kick everyone's butt at hockey. Just sayin'. Is it SOEchi or SAWchi?

2. I hate this "Winter Break" that the TV shows are going on. At least Big Bang is still going, altho tonight it is a repeat. Boo. I miss my Grey's. Oh well.

3. Someone on FB has been reporting my pictures for N*dity and p0rn. I am not the only this has happened to, either. I think it has been going on with someone in the Y&R group. I left it, and then it happened again. Nice. Not much I can do. It is just annoying.

4. Award Shows/Oscar Noms.
I watched the GG;s. The People's Choice Awards (I watched that on PVR in an hour), and the SAG awards are on this Sunday. The Oscar Noms came out today. I love watching the Oscars. I was just on Twitter, and I guess the Critics Choice awards are on tonight.

5. I love, love, love our "warm" weather. At least we aren't in the deep freeze like the rest of the country and some of the US are.  At least I can go out without a huge jacket on. Lately, I have been going out with just a sweater.

5.1. My new plan of trying to eat healthier isn't going well. Part of it is because we don't have a lot money right new buy decent food;veggies and fruit. That being said, other than a Peps1 that I had yesterday, I had no sugar yesterday. That may not be said for today.

52. I think I am "into" far too many TV shows than should be allowed (or what is normal). I have started on a few new shows, plus there are a few that I want to start. Hubby wants to start watching Saving Hope. I keep hearing on how Scandal is. I am also watching 90 Day Fiance, 600 lb Life, and and tons more. Thank goodness for my PVR.

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Nancy Claeys said…
I watch very little TV and am finding the few shows I used to enjoy -- I'm not interested in any more. I think I'm just too antsy to sit for that long. :)
averyswifeliz said…
Hi! Thanks for visiting during the link-up! I'm completely clueless on how to say Sochi as well. I'll have to have the tv commentators teach me. Haha!!
EG CameraGirl said…
You have pretty hair. It looks good from the back!

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