Five on Friday/Random 5

Hello Friday!!!

I was going to add pictures to this wks post, but I just don't feel like uploading them to FB, then saving them, etc.

To be honest, I am a bit in a bad mood. Just really stressed....hubby is stressed....that being said, here are a few things that I enjoyed this wk.

1. Downton Abbey SSN 4.

A friend from our Bible Study who is a fellow DA fan felt that she needed to get me season 4. That's right, I can now FINISH the season at my it.

2. Club Soda.

I love it with juice. It tastes good and b/c it has no sugar, you only have to put in a little bit of juice to make it drinkable. Love it.

3. Extra money and 2 more GC's.

We got taken to lunch today by the treasurure and his wife, and our mentors. They fave Anker a Thank you gift, two GC's and some money to help us out. It was muchly appreciated. We also went to visit our pastor, and he gave us a bit more money to help us. We were able to get our car insurance paid this month, and we divided the rest.

4. Scandal.

I have watched the first half of the first season. The jury (i mean me) is still out on whether or not I will continue after this season is finished, but I must say, I do quite like it.

5. Coffee Date.

Hubby and I had a date afternoon at Starbucks the other day. We each got a drink (cap for him, HC for me), and we shared a cookie. I know. we live a wild and crazy life. We had a nice time together; we talked about his appointment (which I will blog about later), and read the paper, and just people watched. We had a nice time.

Random 5 Friday

1. We have a new neigbour. She stole our parking spot. I already don't like her. I slept on the couch last night, to see if she is a partyer. She went home last night, and so far, seems to be quite. We shall see.

2. I am going to have to re-vamp my resume. I guess I am back to job searching. I may even have to do some volunteer work, just to get some experience.

3. I am totally into Y&R right now. Even Anker is into it. We are watching it every day. I don't like on how they are re-casting and getting rid of main (and old) characters, but it is good.

4. I have way too many magazines out from the library, but hey, I am not paying for them, so who cares, right? I currently probably have about 50 mags. Yup, I am a bit of a mag-junky.

5. We (or rather I) re-arranged some pictures in our house, and put some up on our entertainment unit, and on our wall. I am trying to make our little house a home.


i love Scandal ... i think i always have been a Y&R fan (my mom use to watch it when i was young, i still remember the theme song from when i was wee young.) ... don't watch ever since i was younger but know a bit when i read the papers at the grocery store line. i always wonder why they have to mess up a good thing??! get rid of the good old characters. you have me curious. ( :
Sarah Huizenga said…
A date afternoon at Starbucks sounds like fun.

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