(Long Overdue) Christmas Post

 This has been edited at least three or 4 times.  I am trying to make this the perfect Christmas Post :)

I realize that it is almost the middle of January, and I have not done a Christmas post yet. I just seem to lack energy doing most things lately. I only seem to watch TV, FB, and run a few errands, and now, my new job. I do call a few ppl (family mostly), but even that I have to make myself do it. I haven't read a book in months; I an barely reading magazines, and my house, while not too bad, could definitely use a good thorough deep cleaning. Exercise? Nope!!! No worries, I still do get out and see people; my neighbour next door, coffee with the ladies, and church. The fact that I am aware of it is the main thing. We did manage to take our Christmas decorations down today. Our tree and lights are still up; mainly because I need a tree tote to pack it up in, which we don't have.

So, on to Christmas:)

On the whole, our Christmas went well. It was great to see family, play in the snow, eat, laugh, hang with our little niece, spend time together. As usual, when there are more than two adult kids home at the same time, we stayed in the B&B on the ranch. I didn't take any pictures this year, but I think I have posted a few on here before. It is such a cozy place. Anker loves to build a fire, and we have some time away from the hustle and bustle. It has electricity, so I watched a few episodes of Big Bang.

We left on the 23rd, around 3 or so. The roads weren't the greatest, but we managed ok.

We had a nice evening with the family; eating nachos and relaxing. Mom made this AMAZING sticky toffee pudding. YUMMY!!! We also had late night latte's, courtesy of my SIL and her Espresso machine. Thanks!! Who needs Starbucks when you can have homemade Eggnog lattes??
I had brought a music box that I had bought from Avon in a Christmas bundle. Mom thought that N would love it. She was right. She LOVED it. Once we showed here where the button was, well, she went to town....

                            Que the night at the cabin. I think I watched TV/BBT or something on my laptop.
                            I think it may or may not have involved an adult bevvy :)

Christmas Eve was when we had our big dinner.  After a bit of a sleep in, I wandered over the the house (mom and dad's) and started in on helping with dinner prep. Hubby spent a lot of the morning polishing Mom's gramma's silver tea set. I did this and that, to try to help out. I tried to say that my job was to look after N, but that didn't fly :) Oh well. Dinner was that night was very good!! The usual dinner with all the trimmings. 

                                       The table ready for our crazy, large and loud family!!
                                             There are so many of us, we need two tables.

                                                      The yummy Christmas Dinner.

                   ...and what better way to end of a Christmas dinner than with Christmas pudding?

                                    Not everyone likes it, but I love it...I may have had two pieces.

                                                                        Anker and I.

                                        My parents' tree. It's real. And Big,. Every.Single.Year.

                                                            The tree outside. Love it!
                                                             My brother L, and his wife.
                                                                    The Sisters.

Christmas Day we woke up around 8 to it SNOWING! I loved walking to the house while the snow was falling. It continued pretty much all day. It was beautiful.

We missed the family communion time, but got there in time to see N open her stocking, and have breakfast. Skyped with A, K, and Bebop, as they are out East, and then got to the business of opening gifts.
                                                     The tree on Christmas morning.
Since our family is so big, and we don't have a ton of money to spend on gifts, we each draw ONE name, plus our spouse. I usually always give a little gifts to everyone, anyway. I love giving gifts.  I had Mom, and I got her a charger thing that she can use for her phone, and I also got her a Cineplex GC. A had Anker, and she got him a sweater, and some SBX coffee in a box. I had A, and I got her a Strbx Travel Mug, and some coffee to go with it, and a Cineplex GC card. My brother JT had me, and he gave me body butter from Body Shop, and Yoga pants. Funny story, I thought that I had only gotten the BB, as they had wrapped each gift separately, and I didn't find the 2nd gift. I was not amused. When they came over at noon (they spent the morning at her family's), I thanked them for the BB, hoping that they would say that there is another box, and sure enough, there was! It was there the entire time, but I couldn't see my name on it. So, we all had a bit of a laugh over that!!!

                                                      Anker trying on his sweater from A.
                                                    Anker opening up his gifts from me.
                                                         A opening up her gift from us.
 My gifts. It sucks as you get older. You get less gifts. This was before I knew about the pants. My sister gave me this necklace from when she was in Europe. Love it!!
                                                     Mom opening up her gift from me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, playing/using our gifts, eating, and watching TV.
                                                                       JT and C.
                  Anker and I on Christmas Day. Yes, I am aware that we look like a Christmas tree.
Some of them watched movies, while I took Little Miss on a sleigh ride. It was so beautiful, and she loved it.

                                               The driveway coming down to our house.
                                                      Little Miss enjoying the ride!
                                            The sheep covered in snow. Love it.
                                            Our ranch from the top of the driveway,

                                        Ended the day with Mincemeat tarts and pie. Yum!!!

The next day, Boxing Day as it is known in Canada and the UK, Anker wanted to go home, but encouraged him to stay another day. We visited my aunt and uncle, we took a drive to the store (which was closed), and had a nice supper with the family. I got some pictures as we were driving, as it was so pretty!

I love these pictures! That is why I took so many. These above pictures were all taken along the back road.

The morning of the 27th, after having breakfast and saying good bye to family, we left to come back home. The roads were much better this time around.
All in all, it was a good trip, but as always, it is good to get home. We got in on some good sales, too. We got a GC card from Anker's sister, so we bought some stuff at Mark's, and we also used his Bday gift which was a GC to Canadian Tire. I got some movies that I have been wanting to get, and some colour-coordinated wash cloths that go with our bathroom. I know. Exciting stuff, right?


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