Voice 4 the Voiceless and WIPHAN Shoutouts

Happy Sunday!

I am sure this finds you watching the SB, even we Canucks:) I missed the half time show (more about that later), but I like to watch at least a bit of the SB, you know, so that I can be in the know. Also, the Seattle Seahawks are playing, and since they are close to Vancouver, well, I thought I would watch.

I don't normally do "shout outs" to/on/for certain blogs, unless it is a link up day, but I was on my friend Brantley's blog the other day (she actually has two, this is her newest and most current one), and I went to her V4V site that she and her hubby created. I just felt compelled to mention it on here. As some of you know, I would LOVE to go to Africa; for short or long term, and work in some capacity with kids. I have been feeling this tugging at my heart for a few years. I don't think it would ever work out, as I have health concerns, and unless someone paid my way, and living expenses (or if it was a paying position), finances won't allow us, however, the yearning is still there. I think that will be the closest to having kids as we will get. Of course, we are aunt and uncle to MANY of our friends and family's babies, and if I work with kids, that will be great, but as far as "living" with them, that will be it. Anyway, back to V4V. They have gone to Uganda at least once, and I think they will be going again. Right now, they are doing a Brick 4 Brick campaign, called BUY A BRICK, BUILD A HOME. If you would like more info, please go here for more info. I wish we could help. Maybe one day we will be able to. You can also go and shop and buy really cool stuff in support for V4V.

Another friend of mine Andrea who is actual FB friend and her husband are in WIPHAN; who cares for WIdows and orPHANs. I don't know a ton about this, but I do know that her heart is never far from this organization. She is a momma to 5 kids under 10 (I think?), and is amazing!! How she dose half of what she does is beyond me. Oh yes, back to WIPHAN! Go to their website (and their FB page), and take a look around. They have child sponsorships, similar to Comp@assion, and World V1sion. I wish this was something I could do, but I can only read and pray, and wish that some day I can do something like that.

Happy Sunday!

Go 'Hawks!!


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