New Job and a Weird Sickness

Yes, I am falling behind in posts :) Just been watching the Olympics busy with life., and really not into blogging much lately.

That being said, I thought I would do another short update on what we've been up to.

First, in case you missed in my last post, I got a new job!! It is only casual for now,  but I am hoping to get more hours SOON, and come May, I will be probably be begging for days off. I love it! I work in a group home, with great people. It almost doesn't feel like work. I am actually sad when I am not there, and wondering how and what everyone is doing . I already got my first paychq!! I have been debating about getting another job to help fill the gap, but I want to be ready in case they call me. I also do have a mother's helper position, which is a few hours a wk. It gives us a bit of extra coffee and gas money, which is nothing to sneeze at. This is another job that really doesn't feel like least most of the time. I get hang with the kids, and chat with the mom, who has become my friend. Plus it only takes me 5 minutes to get there.

Anker hasn't been feeling well for awhile. Since Christmas, really. His testosterone is fine, and thyroid, etc. He did some blood work in January, and they found out his liver enzymes were elevated. Our doctor was great to get on it, and send him for more blood work. We checked for hepatitis (negative..yay!), among other things. We thought it had something to do with his liver. He then got him to an ultrasound of his liver, which we had to wait all last wknd for. Monday, we found out there was NOTHING wrong with his liver/GB or kidneys. It was a relief, but also it is a bit frustrating. He is now on the list to wait to see a GI specialist (in Canada, you have to be referred to ANY specialist - unless you go to ER/hospital, and even then you may still get referred at a later date-that is how our heath care system works), which I will try to get a hold of tomorrow. We think it could be ulcers, as the pain happens after he eats. He doesn't have his energy back at all. He just does what he has to do, then he comes home, and has a nap. He hasn't been ANYWHERE much lately. We did manage to get out on Sunday afternoon for a few minutes, where he did manage to get me a few Vday gifts a couple days late.  Anyway, at least we know it isn't cancer or some other deadly disease, but we still don't know exactly what it is. I hope we find out what it is SOON!!


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