Le'ts Be Friends Blog Hop and A BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

 Edited Feb 25/14

Yay, I found a blog hop to link up with!
Tiffany over The Dwelling Tree is hosting another blog hop!!! Go on over and meet new friends, check out new blogs, and have some fun!!

Original Post:
I was thinking about doing this during a blog link up (more exposure), but I thought I would try to do a give a away midweek:)

As you may know, my mom has a book out, Silk on Fire, which is intended for women, who are wanting and craving s*x with their husbands. You can purchase it on Amazon (both .ca and .com). But I am going to give away TWO copies to my readers/followers

I am going to give away ONE copy to my "followers"!!! When I reach 30, I will do a draw with the followers' names, and one of them will win. If for some reason I don't get contact with them within 24 - 48 hours (there are a few of your who don't seem to have a proper name/account with blogger, that are my followers), I will redraw.

The next book will go away to a person who comments. Please note, you have had commented ON MY POST in/on BLOGGER, and not on FB. Yes, this means that you will have to make an account with G00gle/Bl0gger if you don't already have one. If you are a follower and a commenter, you will have double the chance of winning the book!

I just have one guideline, and that is to please visit the website and take a look around to make sure that this is the book for you! I don't want to give a way a book that you don't want or have no use for. When you leave a comment, just mention that you checked out the website, and that you are interested in the book :)

That's about it.

Comment and follow away!


Pamela Weir said…
I would LOVE another copy of this book (I purchased one when it first came out) to give away to family! It is an excellent book!

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