Valentine's Day

As to not inundate my blog readers with MANY posts, I will try to combine a couple. This will not be one of those posts :)

(I am also going to work back chronologically in my blog posts...not sure if you will notice or not, but since I started with FoF, and BBTB...which the link will be official next Thursday...I will go back most recent to not so recent).

It seems in the recent years, that Vday has become more of a kid/family holiday. Another holiday that makes me sad, b/c we don't have any children to share it with. It would be different if I had a couple of kids (nieces, nephews, etc) we could make Vday's for (and I have in the past..last year was kind of fun, b/c I made VDay cards for the kid in my practicum), or take out or whatever, but since we don't have that, well, it makes for a bit of a sad holiday. Just another reminder that we don't have kids. I have seen A LOT of bloggers/blog post post about VDay, and most of them (I think) revolve around their kids, and how they all celebrated it as a family.

So, considering how our last few VDay's have gone, this last one wasn't so bad. You can read about the disastrous Vdays here, here, and here. Actually, last years wasn't that bad.

Since Anker wasn't feeling well (more on that in my next post), I wasn't expecting much to happen. In the past, I have kind of left it up to him to do, which, to be fair, isn't always a good thing. I tried to sleep in, but I woke up at 7:30 am, and I hung out, and then I went out for VDay SBX (see my FoF post on that). I had them made me a pink hot chocolate, and read my mags. I was going to my other job as a mothers helper, so I decided to just stay out. I ran a few errands, and I bought hubby dollar store gifts (aren't those the best kind?) and a card, along with getting the kids I help with a few gifts, and then headed off to my job. I thought I would come home to bed, but I got a second wind, so I went to the library, and came home and relaxed.

 I knew by this time that Anker wasn't going to plan anything, nor had he got me anything (ya, don't get me started on that), so I decided that I would make something happen. I went and got Chinese food from our favourite place, brought it back, lit candles and we ate in the living room. We watched the news, and some of the Olympics, and by then, Anker was feeling horrible. I didn't take any pictures (I did take one of gifts, just today), b/c I kind of forgot. There wasn't much to take of, anyway.

My friend/neighbour came over for a minute, and we talked about getting together, so with Anker's blessing (he was going to bed), I hung out with her for the rest of the evening. We watched a show on NF, and then went to WM (because that IS our weekly routine, it seems..I know, we are wild and crazy). We came home around 10, and watched more shows, ate popcorn, and read magazines. It actually wasn't a terrible day, and we had a fun time catching up.

So, that was our VDay 2014!!!


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