TToT (First of these in A While)

EEEK!!! I haven't done a TToT in, well, FOREVER!!! The last one I did was two TToT's in one, back at the end of December.

So, I am linking up with Liz for the weekly Ten Things of Thankful.

As some of you know, we are in a bit of a rough patch right now. Between work (or lack there of), finances, health issues, etc,  I am finding it hard to think of things to be thankful for. Well, not so much hard, as I am really having to find (and be conscious of) things to be thankful for. And now, it looks like our car will need work, too.

Ok, so here we go...

1. New Hair.

I already posted this on Friday, but bear with me, people. Who says duplicate things don't count? I got my hair cut last Tuesday. I love it!!! You can check my other post from Friday for pics.

2. New (to me) Wardrobe.

My friend and neighbour gave me about two garbage bags of clothes. I love them!!! Shirts, sweaters, and even some leggings and bras. I am so stoked!!! I think they look pretty good on me, if I do say so myself.

3, New Job (s).

I am working two (albeit) casual jobs. I love both, but I wish I had more hours. One is in a group home, and one is as a mother's helper.

4. Anker's Good (at least for now) Test Results.

We had no clue what was going on, but Anker has been sick since the new year. There were some markers regarding his liver, and he had another BT and an US, and so far, everything looks good. We are waiting to hear back from a GI specialist (we just can't make them ourselves in Canada), which we hope won't take too long. He also seems to have a bit more energy.

5. Friends.

A friend gave me season 4 of Downton Abbey. Another friend took me to lunch today. Other friends have taken us for supper and lunch, and given us GC's, and cash to help us out. Our Aunt and Uncle have also been lending us some money to help us along (yes, I consider them my friends, too!!!). We are blessed, even if it doesn't feel or look like it at the time.

6. Getting Closer to Spring.

Yah, it's still chilly out, but hey, at least most of the snow on the ground is gone (well, on the cement, anyway). I can't wait until I start seeing grass (actually I have seen a bit..yay).

7. The Friends I have made through Blogging, my FG groups and Games.

Ok, this is similar to #5, but please, give me a break:) I am LOVING all the new friends I have made through Fluff Friends (well, that game is gone, now, but I have kept a lot of friends), and Trainstation, and of course, from Blogging and my FB groups. I am almost thinking that they are my true friends as of late. They are the ones I often go to if I am having a bad day, or whatever. Love you all!

8. Family.

I am really missing my family lately! Esp the little people. I need some serious Skyping time!!

9. Canada Kicked Butt at Sochi.

I am SOOO proud to be Canadian today!!  We did well! 25 medals, baby!!! Not mention we took Gold in mens/womens curling and mens/womens hockey!!

10. Favourite Returning Shows.

Amazing Race and The Little Couple are back!!


May said…
Isn't it amazing that when the hair looks good, our world looks better! Too many bad days are bad for the soul!
I completely agree! I always feel like a million bucks the first few days after a hair cut!!
Your hair looks nice! I recently got a new cut and color and it just feels SO good.
And new (to you) clothes are always awesome!!!
Thank you, Cyndy!!! I am loving my new 'do. It feels so light!
Lizzi R said…
I really hope Anker's tests come back with some useful information, and that a treatment plan can soon be settled on to get him back to full health.

Bring on the springtime!
Thanks, Lizz!!! I will keep you all posted!!

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