Five on Friday/Valetines Day/Wknd Edition

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all had a great wk! Ours was pretty good. Hubby is going through some health concerns right now (I will update you in another post), and I seem to be really tired from my new job (another blog post), and our house needs a good cleaning, but we are doing ok, I am behind in DA, CTM, and other shows, as we are watching the Olympics pretty much 24/7, but those last few things are very tiny

Most of what I have for FoF this week is Vday related, which is why the title.

1. Valentine's Day Cookies at SBX.

I got a couple ystrdy, in hopes that hubby and i would have them last night for dessert, but we didn't feel like it by the time we were done our supper. So I took them today when I met up with my sister, and Uncle (at SBX, of course!). We all three shared two. They were pretty. good.

2. Valentine's Day Socks.

Yes, I got two more pairs. I think I have 5 or 6 now. I am slightly addicted to pretty socks!! I am wearing the pink ones right now.

3. Custom-Ordered Pink Hot Chocolate (yes at SBX).

I asked them for pink hot chocolate. They said they could put raspberry flavouring in it. Yum!

4. Pay Day.
'Nuff said. I may or may not have gone and got a few weekly magazines :)

5.Brioche Cinnamon Buns (yes, at SBX).
They brought these out in the New Year. YUMMY! I have had more than my fair share of these. They are amazing heated with butter.

6&;7. Coffee Dates with Sisters

I had a coffee date with my SIL the other day. We had a short but nice visit. I also got to see my sister today too for a bit. She had to come in for an eye appt (she is fine, but she was having a really sore eye this past wk, and our uncle offered to bring her in), and Mom sent us some meat, so we all met up up for a quick snack. Good times.

 ..and just because I can...

 If you have a great soup recipe (which I don't, bc I don't make them), visit my friend Kelly's blog and join up for this wks SUYL and share it there.

You know who I link up with every Friday (I really don't feel like posting four links today)!


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