The Tale of 3 Baby Showers

I have said this before, but I really dislike going to baby showers, but I somehow got wrangled into going  to one, and then I felt like I had to go to the other one, then the last one I went to was last wknd, after our Church's Family Day Wknd Lunch after service, so I just stayed on.

 To be perfectly honest, I think it is odd to have a baby shower before the baby is born. But I guess that is the way the people are doing it these days. I just think it is odd not having the baby there; like having a birthday party for someone, but the guest of honour isn't there. Or, "I want a baby shower, but I don't want the baby here". I guess people do it so that they have the stuff when the baby comes home from the hospital, and also so that she isn't tired, and doesn't have to get out? I don't know. I mean, what happens if there is a problem? But hey, that is just me, I guess :) I have to say, that all three showers were kind of fun. I loved chatting with the ladies, the food, and the babies, and even seeing the gifts as they go around. The games? Not so much, but they were fun, too. I am not going to camera dump all the pics on/of all three showers, but here are a few...

                                    The first one I went to was for Brittany. She is/had a girl!!
                         The ladies in our church that are pregnant. Sadly, I didn't get the memo!!
                  A friend in the church makes these as gifts for the moms. A cool idea!!!
                                                        Brittany (momma to be)

The shower (1 of 3) was actually kind of fun. Brittany was so gracious and thankful. She has since had her girl, Matea!!

                                                              Pink juice for a girl!
                                                       She got a ton of gifts!!!

 This is me holding baby C. I missed her shower, since I was doing my first aid that day.

The next shower I went to was for Stef. She is STILL waiting for her baby BOY to arrive!!! I took these with my phone, so they aren't great quality, but her are a few, anyway...

 One of the games we played (well not really a game, but activity) was we had to put advice on diapers and put roll them up, and put them in a plastic container. We called it "Daddy's Tool Box.
                          The lovely thank you gifts. C's momma planned Stefs ENTIRE shower!!!!
                                                             The mommy to be!!!
                                                                       Her gifts!!
                                                      Blue Juice!! It was really good!

                                                               Cs Mom at work again!!!

The last one I went to was last (well nearly two wks ago, now I guess) Sunday. This lady, AG, is fairly new to our church. They are from Africa, but prior to moving here, they had been living in Ontario for years. She has a two yr old boy, who is adorable. She named her little bundle of PINK Jemimah!! It is quite common in Africa, and it means beautiful. And she is!!! Again, I took them on my phone...but here are a few...

                  AG opening my gifts. I gave her very practical things. She got a TON of clothes!!
                                                         Jemimah. Isn't she adorable!
                                  C's mom did another one!!! I don't know how she does it!!!
                                                        A picture of the gift table.

By the time AG's shower came around, we were all a bit tired of playing games, so we just sat and visited, ate food (not that we needed it, we were full from lunch), and enjoyed baby J and the gifts.


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