Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Summertime!!

Yes, we are well into summer!! I just had someone ask for an invite, so I guess that means that some people really ARE interested in reading this. I hope to try to get some pictures on here soon. I figure most everyone that would read this would also have access to my Facebook account, and therefore, my pictures. I hope that they look at my pictures over there.
So..wow! I can't even remember when I last wrote in this..May, maybe?? We are well into summer, and we have had some nice weather, but need MORE of it!! Actually, most of this month has been nice. We really can't complain.
I took a job at Sears Portrait Studio the end of May. Basically, we needed to have more money coming, and EI had "cut me off" (for lack of better words) mid May, due to may taking my insurance course. I panicked, and took a job that I had applied to. I don't mind it too much. I plan to be looking for another job come August/September. In the end, I am making LESS at this job than what I would have been making on EI, BUT EI ended (or would have ended) about now, anyway, so I guess it is good that I have something. Also, it makes you (me) look good and feel better about myself when people ask what I "do". And also, it is also good when you are looking for a job, that you are already working. (did that make sense??) I was really not liking SPS, but I just went to God one day, asked Him to help me and to give me peace about everything. I feel a bit better about stuff, and will stick it out. I had a couple of interviews, but nothing came out of them. Oh well:) So, I am working anywhere from 4-25 hours/wk. I really dont want more than that anyway, since it is summer, and I taking my course, etc.
So, just to quickly re-cap our summer so far....My 32nd (sob) birthday was on June 9, but I had to work that day, but the Saturday before that, Mom and Dad, who were at the coast for a homeschool convention had supper with us. Anker gave me some beautiful earrings, and a locket, and a beautiful card. On my actual bday, after work, I made arrangements for Anker and I eat at Tony Roma's (you get free food there on your bday). It was a pretty low-key bday this year. Oh well:)
The Canada Day "Long Weekend"(June 28-30), Anker and I decided to put our camping gear to good use, and we went off to find a place to lay our heads for a couple of nights. We were good (or so I thought) in our research, and found some campsites that "Looked" good. Sadly, that was not to be. We finally found a family-run campsite just outside Clinton. It was ok, but not overly wonderful. We did have free firewood, and the bathrooms/showers were really nice. Because it was sooo hot, and we really didn't feel like finding a lake to swim in, we went to 100 Mile House for the afternoon. We went to these beautiful falls, and then we managed to get lost on the way home!! We had a fun time, though. It was nice to get away. We got home on the 30th, and spent Canada Day just hanging out. We did manage to go and see the fireworks.
On July 12, Anker and I made the trip out to my parents place for my younger brother Joseph's Graduation from High School. Because we were all homeschooled, mom often grads us in July (well, I was gradded end of May). With the boys, she has had an Al-fresco party, complete with lights! Very fun. I think about 60 people were there. It was a fun time, and I got LOTS of pictures. I only put about a fraction of my pics on Facebook, so feel free to take a look! This next weekend, we are going to go to Jasper, and then on to Drayton Valley, where my friend Crystal, and her husband live with their three kids. They moved there last September. They seem to really like it there, and it seems that they are staying (sigh). Oh well:) Her husband hs really good work up there, so that is great. Anyway..our Anniversary is on Sunday, so we are going to make a little trip to see them. It should be a fun time. We are taking our tent, as I think we will stay the first night in Jasper-I have always wanted to stay in that big campground near Jasper-, and then have a nice dinner somewhere, and then move on to D.V mid Monday. We will use our tent while we stay with Crystal, as well. I think that will be the extent of our summer holidays. I hope to get one more camping trip in this year. Not sure when. Maybe over Labour Day, or sometime during the week if we can both get away.
One more MAJOR annoucement! Joseph and Cadence are ENGAGED! I am sooooo happy! Not sure when they will be getting hitched yet, but probably in December. It should be a fun time!
I think that about does it for us for now.
Oh..and a few other tidbits..some big, some not so big...
Oh yes..I took a minor spill on a scooter on Saturday. I skinned the inside of my foot, and my knee hurt for about 24 hours. It was pretty scary, as I almost (ok, could have) gone over the bank. I survived it, thankfully!!
On a sad note, a long time friend of the family, and my cousin's sister-in-law, died on July 4th, after a short battle with brain cancer. It was a very sad time. It came sooo sudden, and it was such a shock! Her mom has been coming to Vavenby Church for a VERY LONG time, and our families have been (farming) friends for years. I don't know why God chose to take her. She was married with three children. Her name was Wendy Graffunder, for those who may have known her. Also, my cousin Keir got married on July 1st. I would have loved to have gone, but we were both woking, and we couldn't have gotten away. I thought about going alone, but I just get everything together in time to go. Apparently, it was a fun wedding.
My two cousins, Andrew (Keir's brother) and Kelly (on my mom's side) both had babies (well, their wives did), June 15 (I really can't remember the date). Their names are Anna Grace, and Kaiya (pronounced Kay-yah) Zeny Lynn, respectively. They are very cute, and I hope to meet them sometime soon.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!! And please, leave comments!

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