Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Spring, isn't it?

Hi Everyone!!
It has been over 2 months since I have written in this!! Part of the reason is that I don't even know if anyone reads this:) If you read this, could you please let me know?? The other part is that I am not good at posting pics up on this site. So, if you want to view pics, you must to to Facebook. If you are not a member of this phenomonen yet, well, let me know:)
There has been LOTS of little things happeneing lately. Not alot of major things. You may know that we did buy a new car. Well, it is new to us. This happened the end of March. It is an Oldsmobile Alero, 2002. The best of all, is that is an automatic:) We have had no major problems yet, so we are very blessed. I have already driven twice (alone) to the ranch, so I feel like I have more freedom, which is great. The not-so-great thing is that the gas prices are rising, which is scary, but at least it is pretty good on gas.
I FINALLY had my Gallbladder Ultra-sound last week, and I will see my family DR this week to get the results. I had a fairly busy week (for me) this last week, and there seems to be more to come.
The most interesting thing is that I have been called to/fo Jury Duty! It is kind of cool, but at the same time, a bit frustrating, b/c if it is a long drawn out thing, then it could mess up my plans. I am taking an Insurance course, and my test is July 9. I also would like to attend my friends wedding and my cousins wedding the end of June and early July respectively. is kind interesting to be called, an adventure.
I (well, we), went to Kelowna this past Wednesday, to attend a Career Day for insurance agents-in-training, or are thinking of going into that field. It was a good thing to go to..mainly because I got in contact with some people, and I asked questions, and I got to know more a bit about it. It seems like a really neat area to get into, so as of now, I am on chapter 2 of my course. We also spend the evening at my aunt Rhonda's house. That was the first time I had been to K-Town in 9 years. Pretty sad, I'd say. We vowed that we would NOT let that amount of time go by again w/o seeing each other (we had seen each other, of course, since then, but I had not been there in that amount of time).
On Monday, I went to my parents place for a Melaleaca presenation. I am "in" Melaleuca now, and I really love it. I hope to make it as a business. I dont mind working now, but when we have kids, I would prefer to stay at home, so I would like to get this going, but we shall see.
The last weekend of April, I attended a Ladies Retreat w/ the Ladies at Calvary Community Church. It was held at SunPeaks, and we had a really wonderful, encouraging time together.
We went to the ranch at Easter, and had a nice time there. Anker helped John put up the outhouse, I helped doing various things. The weekend before the Retreat, I went to the Ranch to help out again, as they were a bit short on help. The weather wasn't great, but it was fun to be around the busyness.
I also had a few other appointments this week. Not much else, really. Lambing on the Ranch went well. I think their Tourist numbers were down, but they still saw alot of people.
I sure wish the weather was warmer. We keep getting these lovely days, then promptly get cold again!! Oh well. I hope summer comes soon!
Oh..also..Luke has left for Scotland (well, actually, he is almost home now), and Adam and Krystle have left for England, and will be back the end of June. They will celebrate their first anniversary over there.
This is more than enough for now, I am sure. Until next time....

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