Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I am still Alive

I am still alive! I just haven't been in a blogging mood lately. I seem to be doing a lot of InstsStories :) Hop on over to take a look. They are always suuuuper interesting! Ha!
I have found a new link up to link up with!!! Well, actually two!

I am excited!!

I know people are saying that it is "summer", and yes, it has been hot temps, but really, guys...summer doesn't start until June 21, and we are all out of school!!! Ha! Yes, I is summer in our hearts and minds, right? I have a new name this season..."strummer". I have been having a cold that keeps trying to come back. It is really annoying, and I wish that it would go away. Our cat ran off not last Sunday, but two Sundays ago. Fun times. She NEVER has done that before. We think it was b/c the front door was left open. Anker found her the next morning all scared. Poor thing. We were both upset about it on Sunday night. We drove around looking for her at 10 pm. That was not very fun. And also hard to find a dark cat at night. Anker found her in between the retaining wall and fence in our complex. 

Not much has been happening (well, other than Kitty running off)....I was going to do a couple of weekend wrap ups, but I can't remember what weekends they were for, and I can't really remember what I did! Ha! This last wknd was good, though, I think. I looked after my nephew on Saturday for a few hours, and then I hung out in the evening. Sunday, I stayed home from church, and I listened to worship music, and then sat outside and read for a couple of hours. Then I ran some errands and came home and made rice krispy squares with Anker. My teacher's birthday was on Monday, so I asked the art teacher if the kids could make her a card last week, and I made some treats :) We ended up making 2 and a half batches! Yum! I just relaxed in the evening. I watched TV and played on the computer. I actually DID manage to do some cleaning well as over the weekend. I cleaned a spot of clutter in our kitchen floor that had been bugging me for ages, and I did laundry. Tonight, I cleaned the bathroom really quick, and I dusted. I NEVER dust, but I needed to. I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend! Another cousin is getting married (the twin to the cousin that got married in December), a couple of cities away, and Mom, Vienna, and Isaac and I are going. We are headed out on Sunday (that is when the wedding is), and staying until Monday, and then our family is having a little gathering in a local park. It should be a fun day! Friday and Saturday I don't have have any plans. Yay! Well, it is past my bedtime, so I will close off now, and hopefully will write more in the next day or so. I still have to blog about our Calgary trip!

I was realizing the other day just on how happy my life is (well, for the most part) right now! I am feeling MUCH better (yay!), and it is summer (or whatever you want to call it), and school is almost over. Life is pretty good...I gotta say. Not perfect, but pretty good! There will also be hurt and sadness...and disappointments, and money issues, and marriage issues...and people will let you down....but for the most's not bad. is a little Social Media Factoid about me: I follow over 5,000 pages on FB, I have 1400 FB friends, I follow 7500 people on IG, and I follow over 240 blogs. Don't even get me started on Pinterest! 

Also, a lot of my IG/Blogging friends say that they have 12 weeks off in the summer? I guess we have 9....but still.....:)

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