Thursday, May 17, 2018

Girl Chat-A Day in the Life: May 17, 2018

I have found another blog/link up to link up with :) Yay!!!

I am linking with Emily for this month's Girl Chat!! I love me a Day in the Life post, so when I saw that they were doing one, I had to participate :) I decided to do today (Thursday, May 17), as I was working, and I thought that would be the most interesting.

Here goes:

I didn't do pictures of everything I did, b/c hello, crazy person!

630-7:00:Alarm goes off. I HAAAATE getting up early..yes, I know it's not early, but struggling to wake up before 8 is (usually) a struggle for me. But, once I am up, I am (usually) raring to go. Or, something like that. I am *THAT* person who has like 14 alarms that go off in the morning. In a perfect world, I would get up at 6 in the morning, play my games, and put on my make up and jewelry, but I would rather relax than put on my make up.
(the 8 and 9 am alarms are for the weekends)

7:00-7:15: Scroll through Social Media on my phone, read my verse of the day (i forgot to take pics of my IG feed/apps...but I just now took one for posterity, which is why the time says 6:27 pm. vs am).

7:15-7:30: Get my lunch ready, get dressed. I have a hot lunch at school today, so I only need to brink snacks. Again, in a perfect world, I would make my lunch at night, but this doesn't happy very often. For my clothes. I chose my black capri pants, and my blue shirt that I bought at Wal-Mart awhile back.

 7:30-7:45: I check my blood sugar, eat breakfast, and play my on my laptop. I scroll through Blogger, and play my FB game (and scroll through FB, too!).

 Breakfast is Quaker Harvest Crunch with Banana.

 7:45-8:00: I get ready to go. I brush my teeth. I grab my stuff, and I head out the door.

 I am listening to GREASE today! I usually switch between Christian and secular music :)
8:00-815: Drive to work. I love that the drive is only about 5-8 minutes!!! I get to work...I grab my lanyard, and off I go!

 8;15-8:30 I put my lunch away, say hi to everyone, and get ready! I talk with my other fellow CEA, and connect with the teacher on what we are up to today! If things need to get organized, then I get them out. I usually go over the day of what I need to do with my students. Today is Thursday, and it's an early out (at 2 pm!), and we are doing a lot of non-academic things today, so it is always a light day.
8:30-8:45: Kids arrive. We all get warmed up and ready for the day. We sing some songs, and pray, 

8:45-9:45: First spelling, then Reading/Comprehension! I help out one group of kids, and then it's time for them to eat their snacks.

10:05-10:20: Recess! I eat my snack of veggies and an orange. 

10:30-11:10: Music

11:10-11:40: Art

11:40-12:25: Lunch. I eat my pizza that I had for hot lunch. I also have yogurt, and a granola bar

12:30:2:00: We have a special science presentation that lasts until the end of the day.

2:00-2:15: Say goodbye to the kids and the teacher, and wish her (and everyone else) a happy Long Wknd!

2:15-Leave for the weekend!!! I love my job, but I love me a long wknd!!!

2:15-3:00: Errands...well, mainly the bank. Then I drive to my dentist appointment.

3:00-4:00: Teeth Cleaning, because, Oral Health.

I hate having my teeth cleaned, so this time, I decided to listen to some Christian music while she was doing it, and it helped. I will definitely to it next time.

4:00-5:00: I head to Value Village to see if I can grab a few things that I need. Namely sandals and capri pants. I find two pairs of Capri's, a pair of sandals, and a magazine for under $30.

5:00: I head to grab a Starbucks iced tea! Yum!!! I forget to take a picture of it in parking lot, so I pull over where it is safe, and snap a picture. Also, I love our city!

5:15-5:30: Drive home.

6:00-7:00: I have supper, start on this blog post, play on my laptop, and I watch Trisha Yearwood's Southern Home Cooking. Anker has made us chicken nuggets and fries. I choke down a salad, because, health.

7:00-8:00: I watch Grey's. First in our room, and then I join Anker in the living room.


I watch Call the Midwife. Season 7 just finished airing, and I have yet to watch all of the episodes.

Start second episode, and then stop it and have a bath. I decide to not take a picture of the bath filling up, b/c, hello, weird person! Finish second episode, and then continue watching a Flower Shop Mystery Movie. I love those..along with Murder She Baked, Gourmet Detective and Garage Sale Mystery series.

As I watch my shows, I do what I usually do: I look through blogs (as well as finishing hammering out some blog posts), play on my laptop, and well, relax. I sometimes will actually lay (or is it lie?) down and concentrate on what I am watching, but more often than not, I am on my laptop. I put some pics on IG, do a short IG story, text people, like my mom and sister (who often don't respond! Ha!). Actually, I had texted Mom while i was in VV, and she did respond. 

10:45: Anker comes to bed, and we talk for a few minutes.

11:00: Pretend to go bed, but will end up scrolling on IG and FB for awhile. 

So, there it is! My exciting life! During the day, Anker is at home, and he watches tv, plays his computer games, works in the yard and garden, and will often do some cleaning, and will start supper (like tonight!). Sometimes, he will run errands if he has the car. I hope you enjoyed reading about my/our day! I had fun documenting and sharing with you!

**edit** It is nearly 11:30, and I am not in bed yet, which doesn't bode well when I am trying to get rid of a cold! I will do the last little bit of my night tomorrow :)

**edit** It is now Friday morning**

11:30: Start my bedtime routine: take meds, put in night guard, and crawl/fall into bed :) 
 I am not sure why it turned out fuzzy.

11:45-12:00: I put on Frasier to help put me to sleep, and then I scroll through IG and FB for a few minutes. Sometimes, I scroll on my phone for an hour before going to sleep. Not good, I know. Tonight (last night, since it is now Friday morning), I was really tired, so I wasn't on my phone for a long time. 

12:00: Finally at midnight, I put my phone away, and go to sleep :) I actually didn't lie/lay there very long last night, which is a good thing. I had a great sleep, and I slept in until 9:30 this morning!!!

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