Friday Link Ups

How does everyone like the extra hour of light? I do!!

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great wknd. We did! I will write more about that in another post.

But first, here are some of my five faves from last week:

1) We got our income tax refund back, in just under two weeks! We were/are VERY thankful for it. It was a fair amount of money (for us), so it is nice to have a little "extra".

2)..And with that money, we both got hair cuts. Anker REALLY needed one, and I wanted something different. I love my new 'do! And, we also had a date day/afternoon, which was totally fun, and much needed.

I bought this chocolate bar from the bank as they were doing their fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital. It was SO good!!! And I was helping out the kids...:) I have three friends who had their kids/grandkids who were/are at BCCH, receiving treatment for cancer, and they were in my thoughts when I bought it. AND I also bought a new eye shadow pallet, which I like, but it is really hard to open. I also bought magazines :) I bought this weeks US Weekly, and April issues of Canadian House and Home, and Cosmo.

3) Anker fixed my computer cord again this past wknd. It came apart Saturday night, so he quickly fixed it before church on Sunday. It works!!!

4 I got a shirt for $5, and a pair of jeans for $5 off/from one of the local Facebook groups. I LOVE the jeans, and the shirt was dirty, so I will have to wash it, and then I will try it on later this week.

5) BOTH of us went to my parents' this past weekend. Yes, Hubby came too. He hadn't been out since October. He had a good time, but was super tired, b/c of all the projects he did, but it was good for him to get out. And wouldn't you know it, that while I was away, I got TWO invites to go out! That NEVER happens! Oh well, it was fun to know that my friends were thinking of me!!!

That's all for this week. What are YOUR faves from the week?


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