An Ode To Downton Abbey

 ***March 22/16***I have decided to to link up with Karli for 10 On Tuesday. I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, knowing that I would use this to link up...:)

Can we just please take a moment of silence to commemorate the ending of Downton Abbey? I cannot believe it's over!!! I personally think that Mr. Fellowes should have had it go another year; especially since it isn't even a full season (8-12 episodes). At any rate, it's over, and it went out on a high note (instead of some seasons going on longer than necessary), which is good. I loved the ending, and I am glad that everyone (esp Anna/John and Edith) were happy!

I didn't get on the DA bandwagon in the beginning. In fact, I think it was well into season 2 or even 3 that I got into it. I remember taking the first season out of the library. I didn't even like the first couple of episodes. Then, in the middle of that first season, I started getting into it.Then, my family (though not because of me) followed. I think most of our family watches it.

Last night, I went on to our library's online system, and I may or may not have reserved all of the resources that the library has (that I am interested in). I already have seasons 1 and 4, so I guess I have to get all of them! I am not going to get totally crazy, and buy all the books on/about it, but I might get a few if I see them for a good price.

I was going to do a 10 List for 10 on Tuesday, but by the time I thought about doing it, I was already doing my current 10 list of magazines. So, here is a list separate to that (that I might share at another time in the link up)

1) The Costumes

2) The Storylines

3) The Children

4) The Castles (duh!)

5) The Scenery/England

6) The Actors

7) The Characters

8) The Romances

9) The Food

10) The Wealth

Good bye, Crawley Family!!! You will be missed, but thank heavens for re-runs, and for the DVDs :)


Mandie said…
Confession: never seen the show. I should though cuz I hear amazing things about it & I do like watching Maggie Smith. She's fantastic. :)
The A Team said…
Hi should try it. It may take a few eps before you get into it, but I think you may like it, esp if you like Maggie Smith.
Marisa B said…
I am a fan as well - I loved the show - and the last episode was a good ending

it actually ended very happily :)
The A Team said…
Marisa...I think it ended happily, too! Thanks for visiting, ladies!

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