10 On Tuesday-10 Countries I Have Visited

 Linking up with Karli @Sept Farm for the second week of 10 on Tuesday. A 10 Ten list of ANYTHING random...no explanation needed.

About 100 years ago, I went to Europe with my aunt...9 out of 10 of these countries were when were there. I LOVED it and it was SUCH a wonderful trip. I would go back in a heartbeat, but sadly, due to my breathing issues, I probably can no longer go to foreign (other than the US) countries. But that is for another day. Here are my (only) 10 Countries that I have visited. FYI: In case you missed it somewhere on my blog, I am from/live in Canada.

10 Countries I have visited:

1) US (A few times; brief visits only)

2) Greece (Loved it...so beautiful)

3) Italy (Went to a wedding, and I celebrated my 20th birthday in Venice)

4) Austria

5) Switzerland

6) Germany (I barely count this, as we went through it on the train at night)

7) France (Again, I barely count this, as we were there..in Paris..for only a few hours)

8) England

9) Scotland

10) Wales

So, head on over to her blog, grab this snazzy button, write a list of 10 things, and link up :)


lil desiqua said…
I love this idea, but I wish there were pictures or stories to go along with some of them! Italy is my #1 place to visit- there's so much food and culture there, and it looks absolutely beautiful! And so cool that you got to celebrate your birthday there! Did you only get a chance to see Venice, or other parts as well? I really want to see the Amalfi Coast. I hope you got to at least see the Eiffel Tower when you were in Paris!
The A Team said…
I agree...I wish I had pics, but they are in my albums. I can tell a story to each one, if you'd like :) I also could do the whole "take pictures of pictures phenomenon", which I think I will do. I went to a friends wedding in Lesina, and I don't remember going along the Amalfi Coast, but I think we did take a train around there. So, yes, we did go all over Italy. Yes, I got to see the Tower...but it was only for a few minutes. I think I have pictures of it, though. Thanks for visiting!

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