SUYL is Back!!! -Intro

I was quite sad when my BFF Kelly @ Kelly's Korner took an hiatus from Show Us Your Life about a year ago, and I am SO happy that she is bringing it back!!! (FYI: She was starting a weekly post about the States...not sure what happened there...:)) Anyway..Friday was/is Introduction, here goes!

I am April, and I am married to my hubby for almost 9 years, Anker. We have two kitties, Calico, and Sahara, who adopted us right after Christmas. Due to medical issues, we are unable to have kids, so I often blog about infertility issues.

I am a Community Support Worker, but I am on leave from my job right now. Hubby is on disability, so we are both at home, and yes, we drive each other crazy sometimes! He is a super introvert, and rarely gets out, but I love get out..I love Shopping, make up, coffee, meeting up with friends for coffee or a meal, magazines, books, baking, cleaning when the Spirit moves me, and sitting outside in our yard when it is nice. Hubby loves to tinker, and since we moved last year, he LOVES to be outside in the yard; gardening, mowing the lawn, etc. He also loves to tinker with/on Computers, electronics, and whatever else piques his interest.

We have three nieces, and one nephew, who I won't name by name (at least not very often), but I do talk about them a fair amount, especially H, who lives here in town. I am the oldest of 7, and one of my brothers and his wife live in town, and I/we see them fairly often.

And we live in the beautiful Thompson Valley in BC, Canada. I grew up about 2 hours north on a sheep ranch.

I love Jesus, my hubby, my family, Starbucks, Tim Horton's and food just a little too much, and I hate to exercise! But I am trying to get out for walks a bit more, so that counts, right? I also love TV (we watch way too much), and movies. I think the PVR (DVR for my American friends) is the best invention EVER!

So, that's a little about us!


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