A Little Weekend Update

I know on how much you love my WU's :) Our life is SO exciting! NOT! Ha!!

Friday morning, I slept in SUPER long...it was actually embarrassing! I won't even say what time I got up. I relaxed, and FB'd, etc. I also got a surprise; work sent me a pay stub along with some other documents, and I was like.."why are they sending me another pay stub"...and I looked, and it was a different amount than the previous two paychqs...so, sure enough...I got paid the rest of my sick time! I was VERY happy, and thankful! I said a few little thankful prayers!!! So, I ran out and did a few things....I met up with my SIL, and we had a nice little chat...H was at a friends. Then I went to the library. I resisted the urge to buy magazines. Hubs and I had McD's for supper. We watched GA (I was out visiting our neighbour Thursday night), and I watched two movies...Daddy Day Camp, and a Made-for-tv-movie about Natalee Holloway...man...is/was that case wacked. Anyway..I stayed up much later, as usual.

Saturday, I made myself get up around 9. I think I just hung out for most of the morning...then I went and grabbed a snack at McD's, and I had JUST sat down, when my friend texted me that we were having coffee at Starbucks at 2, and so I hung out and drank my Maple Latte (yum!), and read the papers, etc. I met them for coffee, then I went to the library, then came home for a few minutes, THEN I went out and met up with my aunt and uncle, as they had wanted to give us something. Hubs didn't want to go out, so I went without him. I had water and bruschetta..YUM! We maybe visited for an hour. Came home, and went straight to the neighbours for a few minutes. Then, since I clearly hadn't been out enough, I wanted to go out again...I had texted my SIL to see if she wanted to go for appies and or drinks. She invited me up there instead. I got to see H before he went to bed, and he has to the cutest new haircut! He was slightly sad that I was too late to eat banana splits with him, but we had a little chat, anyway. We watched The Waking of Ned Devine. Very interesting.

Sunday, relaxed as usual in the morning, and then I grabbed lunch at Wendy's, and we watched movies all afternoon. Insurgent, Mandela, and, since I wanted a more light hearted fare, we watched Baby Mama. I finished the evening off by watching Frasier on CraveTV. So, that was my/our weekend. We were going to meet up with my parents yesterday, but it didn't work out. Hopefully, we will see them later in the week.

I hope you had a great weekend!


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