Ten Things of Thankful

I have only 11 hours before the link up closes, so here goes!

1) Extra money. I had no clue that I had a few more sick hours left. I was super surprised when I found out that I had gotten some extra money on Friday. Happy day!!!

2) A Hand Hunny. My computer is seriously on its last legs. My laptop has been resurrected more more time than the Kardashian/Jenner Family's careers. Anyway...one of the wires broke...AGAIN..and he just saudered and taped it on. And no, you can't have him!!

3) A Smaller Cable Bill. We lowered our Shaw bill down nearly almost $40. Not a ton, but enough so that it should make a bit of difference. Maybe.

4) Crave TV. I am actually not totally sold on this yet, but we got CraveTV for free for a month, then we will see. The only thing I really like so far is Frasiser and Saving Hope. Hubby has found a few things...we will see on if we like it.

5) FMC...I am excited that I am finally going to be able to blog for FMC! Well, **my day** isn't for awhile yet, but the ED already has my blog post. And, there is a new group for we bloggers...and I have friended a few people from that. So, yay!

6) Shamrock Shake. I already said this on Friday...but I love the shake. Love it.

7) Maple Latte. Starbucks used to have their Maple Latte, but they don't have it this year...so McD's has one, and it is GOOD!!!

8) Our Library. And the librarians. I am sure that "every time they see me rollin', they hatin'", but they are awesome. You are only really only supposed to get 50 items, but they always let me get more than the allotted amount. AND I am trying really hard to get everything back BEFORE I have to pay ANOTHER fine. I also love that I can put on magazines on hold...and I also got the new COSMO (without even putting it on hold) on Saturday.

9) Warm (ish) Days. I love that spring is almost here!! That being said, though...it has really been windy, and a bit chilly. I have not yet broken out the capri's and flip flops. But hey, we don't have any snow, so I am happy!

10) Friends who try to understand. A friend of mine was totally understanding of the whole "you can always adopt" thing on Saturday. And she said some kind words to me regarding our infertility. I love it when friends try to understand. And when they actually say kind things. That being said...most of my friends and family lately have been really understanding, so that's good.


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