Makeup Friday

I thought that I would maybe start doing a little weekly (or whenever I wear makeup) post on what I work makeup-wise. You know, cause I am such a diva! For someone like myself who rarely wears the stuff, I have the most make up on the planet, I am pretty sure. I DO love makeup, though...which is really odd. I just either forget to put it on, or I don't feel like...or I just don't care. Ha! I probably put it on all wrong, and I am probably terrible at choosing colours, and tones, but I sort of know what looks on me, and I know what I like as far as that I don't want to look like a gramma, but I don't want to look like a cheerleader, either (not there's anything wrong with I get most of my make up from drugstores, or Wal-Mart, but I also get (or rather used to, when I was an Avon Distributor) through/from Avon. I also got a few things from MK. At any rate....I had to take a new picture of me for a bio for some blog posts that I will be doing, so I wanted have a little make up on.

This is what I wore (make up-wise on Friday):

**Please note...People have given me links about some of my make up products being tested on animals. I have no clue if it is true or not, and until I know for sure, I will continue using these products. So, please don't send me nasty emails about on how this line or that line tests on animals. Besides, I have NO problem with things being tested on animals, as long as they are being treated fairly, and humanely, and there is minimal/no pain caused to them.***

I am sorry that my phone is dumb and the pictures are blurry.

When it comes to foundation, I actually rarely wear it...usually because it makes me look like a corpse, and it actually feels really heavy. Well, I went to my friends house to a Mary Kay party last year, and she introduced me a one of their foundations, which I really do like. It is a bit heavy, but at least it doesn't make me look like a dead person. I got Ivory 7.

For the eye shadow, I wore Wet N Wild Cherub, which is a light (ish) pink. I love it. Most of my eye shadows are solid, but I have a few loose, and even one cream/liquid.

For the eye liner, I used Avon's Glimmersticks Diamonds Sugar Plum.

For the mascara, I used one of two that I have (yes, that is the one make up product that I only have two of!!), which is Flower Beauty, Brown Black 3-in-1 applicator. I have tried to see what the three differences are, and I really haven't found much of a difference, but I DO love on how it goes on.

For the lipstick/stain, I used Flower's Rico Mauve. I love it, but it has started doing funky things melting. Ugh.

I also wore Avon's Magix Face Protector, which goes on like liquid, but then turns into powder once it's on, and it also smells nice! It is supposed to protect your face from damage...or something. LOL.

And, later on in the day, I switched it to another lipstick, another Avon  brand, but I can't tell on which one it was from my blurry picture. I will try to find it, and add it here, but I do like it. **I just checked, and it is Avon's Mauve Allura. Love it**

Here are the pictures that I took yesterday (Friday).

 I actually took the orange shirt one on Thursday, and the purple shirt one Friday.


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