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Yes, three posts in one day. What IS this world coming to? Ha! I wanted to link up for this weeks Let's Be Friends Blog Hop (which, until a few minutes ago, I forgot about), but I am too lazy to come up with some new material, so I thought that I would post my very first Blog Post! I hope this is ok! I just thought it would be fun for you all to see/read my EVER blog post that I did (and that wasn't even to/with Blogger..which I can't blv is still around..I refuse to switch over to BlogLovin, etc....it was to/with Facebook).

But to keep this post up with the current times....what should I write about? Hmm...I really can't think of anything...I did post about our week, so that is current. Hmm...how about some Randoms?

*I reserved/put on hold Taylor Swift's first and newest albums, so that I can compare her music from her first ever album to now. And now, I am not even a huge TS fan.

*Did you know that I am a magazine addict? No? Ha! Well, then, you haven't seen my IG/FB feed of pics. Thankfully, I get most of them from the library. Seriously, I have a problem.

*I am actually itching to get home to see the puppies my family. I usually get this way around this time of year. They also got their 22 yr old lino redone. I CANNOT wait to see it. I mean, them.

*Does anyone else think it's odd that Easter is "so early" this year? Someone else was saying that SDP and Easter being so close is throwing them for a loop. I don't have kids, am not in the school system (working, going or have kids in it), so I really haven't thought about it.. but it is "weird" weird that it's "early". And, no, I don't think it has anything to do with Leap Year, like I heard someone say on the radio.

*Speak of Leap Year/Day, did anyone do anything special? I watched Leap Year, which was a pretty cute movie. I want to buy it sometime. Come on, Walmart $5 bin!!

*I watched A Million Ways to Die in the West last night. Except for the funny sheep references, and a few funnies, it isn't worth watching.

*Does anyone else need a fan when they sleep? I actually don't need it so much as it dins out the noise sometimes. I have been having it on the last few nights.

*Did anyone else think that last weeks TBBT was disappointing? And, that there was no new episode tonight?

*Has anyone been watching Fuller House? I need some time with H, so as I can watch them. I hear they are putting out a second season.

*I am also disappointed that our local library doesn't have Full House. Again, I will have to ask A and K if I can look after H, so I can watch some episodes (which I did Valentine's Day wknd).

*Anyone else excited that DWTS is coming back on? No? Just me? Anyone else glad that Len is back? I AM!!!

*I am watching The Weather Network as I type this.

***A few more, cause I am weird and obsessive like that***(Mar 4)

*Gas is up to 99.9/l. I REFUSE to fill up when it is this high. Ugh. It was at 88.9/L for quite awhile, which was awesome.

*It is spring in BC, y'all. Well, it isn't SUPER warm every day, but most of our snow (around the Valley) is gone. Yah, the rest of Canada is jealous :)***Note....March 4 (today), it reached up to 15C in town. I went outside for a half hour, and hung out in the park, and read magazines. It was beautiful!

*I downloaded this really cool app that I didn't even know existed. I did know about the website, but I never used it, and I didn't know that there was an app. It's called Night Out, and I think it is for every major city in North America. I love it, even if I just curious as to see what's up. I downloaded another app called Get in the Loop, which is similar, but I am not super impressed with/by it, as the offers don't seem to change.

*I have just started emailing on my phone. At least with my gmail that is connected with my phone. I am not huge fan of emailing on the phone, but I can see why people do it. It is just too finicky for me (I have a small screen). Do people really do this all.day.long?

*Speaking of phones, I really should get a new one, but I don't want to, simply for the fact that I don't want to start all over again....uploading/downloaded all my apps again..signing in to everything (FB, Pinterest, IG, etc) again. Not to mention getting a new phone, and learning how to use a new one. My current phone has many issues....the battery drains in a half a day (if I am using lots, of course), the cord doesn't really connect to it very well...AND I know have to wind it AROUND the phone so that it will charge. And now, it seems that my camera phone is taking blurry pictures. Bleh. I can get a new phone for free with my provider. I really should get a new one. I would probably get the Samsung S 5 (I currently have the Samsung S 3).

*I am still waiting for my insurance company through work to give me my money back that I paid for my eye exam. It has been a month, and STILL NOTHING. It doesn't help that they told me AFTER THREE WEEKS that I needed to send the original receipt. It is just frustrating. It doesn't really want to make me go the chiropractor, or use any of the other resources/benefits that my work's insurance company offers.

*I cannot wait until God's Not Dead 2 comes out. It looks amazing!! I also want to watch Miracles from Heaven.

*I am thinking about starting up a YouTube channel. I am not sure what I would talk about, though. Probably not about infertility...maybe about make up?

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