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I don't have a ton of pics of the actual town where I/we grew up, but I have TONS of our sheep ranch. If you have followed me for long (and/or follow me on FB/IG, you will notice that I have lots of pics from there. So, I won't bore you, with those (not that they are boring, but they would be duplicate pics), so I will tell you about where I was born, and a bit about our small town.

I was actually born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, due to major complications. I stayed in the hospital for nearly two years, then I came home to my new house that my parents built. Our ranch is about 15 minutes from the nearest hamlet that I called home, Vavenby. Clearwater is the closest town (doctors, dentist, grocery store, etc). Google Wells Gray Park, and that's my back yard. Where we live now (hubs and I) is the closest major city. It is two hours from Vavenby, and we spent many happy hours here growing up. We LOVED Kamloops days!!! It was an adventure. We always went out for lunch, went to the big stores, etc. It kind of lost its luster once I got into my late teens, and I would be that one that would end up driving to town, but you get the idea. Vavenby itself is TINY. It has one church (the one I grew up in), one store, one school, a post office, and a hall. It also has a baseball diamond a tennis court. It also has one LARGE block. There are no stop lights. The railway track runs right through it (to this day, train sounds actually soothe me), and so does the North Thompson River, so we had a beach. Actually, we had a beach on the ranch, too. Vavenby itself isn't that nice of a town...but the memories there are too countless to mention (good memories). However, the valley that we are in is gorgeous! Clearwater is is a small town, but it has the essentials...restaurants, drug store, motels/hotels, a medical clinic, a few parks, RCMP (police), ice cream stand...a computer store, a library, and a hospital.

I lived in AB (Calgary) 3x, (twice in the 90's and the third time was until well into the 2000's) and SK (Regina), and then moved back here. I have lived in Kamloops two times (once in 1996/97, and then again starting in 2004. I love it here, and although I would love to at least travel to Eastern Canada, I LOVE BC!!!

So, that is a bit about my hometown (s)!

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