Make Up Saturday

I promise that I won't do this every day...or, maybe I will! Ha!! I will probably do a few posts in one, or something (like, make up wknd, or what I wore for make up this week).

So...what I wore (make-up wise) today/night was:

I am not sure why my phone took better pictures tonight. Go figure.
The foundation and mascara are the same, so I won't repeat myself...but I did wear those again.
For the eye shadow, I wore Flower  Eye shadow quad, Shadow Play Twilight Moon. I don't use all four at once (are you supposed to? That always seem too much at once for me..too much colour), but I usually use two shades. I used the bottom right as the base, and top left for add on. I just checked the quad for the individual colour names, and they weren't listed, sorry. (and FYI, they don't test on animals..yay!) For the eye liner, I used Avon Glimmersticks Midnight Blue. I find that it goes on a bit too dark (especially when I am in a hurry, like I was tonight), so, I am not sure that I would get it again, but it matched my shirt :) For the lipstick, I used Avon Tickled Pink. I find with SO MANY lipsticks, they just come off so easily. Does anyone else have this problem? I also keep make up (save for mascara) WAY too years, and not months. With mascara, I usually throw it out after 6 months. Please bear in mind, that I don't wear it every day, either (i can go weeks, without wearing it).


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