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The day before KK got sick, bubby wanted Boston Pizza for supper. When hubby wants to go out (other than to a fast food restuarant), you don't say no. So off we went! We had a very yummy supper. I had Seafood Fettuccine, and hubby had a stromboli. Both were excellent, and we had Chocolate Explosion for dessert. Yum! Ok, maybe I already had written about this...oops!

A couple of weeks back, Anker and I saw the movie Noah, and we weren't that impressed by it. Hollywood totally got it wrong, tho it did say that God punishes sin, and God shows mercy. But other than that, it was disappointing. But it was a movie date with hubby, so that was nice.

A couple of wks ago, my friend and I went to Cora's Breakfast and Lunch for lunch after church. It was SO good! I am (usually) never disappointed! If you love fruit, crepes, eggs, pancakes, and MORE fruit, this place is for you!!! I had the April '89. A crepe with custard and fruit inside!!! The only complaint I have is that I am not a huge melon fan, so I wouldn't have the melon fruit inside the crepe, but other than that, it is really good.
Last Sunday, the same friend and some other friends and I went back, and it was CRAZY BUSY!!! It has been open for 3 years, but you would think that this was opening wknd. I had the chocolate brioche French Toast. It was good, but I remembered why I hadn't gotten it in awhile. I loved the fruit on it, though.
Yesterday, hubby and I ran errands, and he was craving a donair, so we went to Opa's of Greece. Our Donairs were amazing, and SO GOOD!!

                                          And of course, I had to have Baklava. YUMMY!!

That is about all for this post. I would write more, but I am needing to sleep, as I work tonight :)


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