A General Life Lately Post and "Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I haven't done a LBF blog hop in awhile, so when I saw it was going on today, and when I decided to write a post, well, I thought those were a great combo. So, I am linking up with Tiffany for this weeks

So, what is new with us? Not really too much, but I kind of like it. With me working so much last week, it is nice to lay low for a bit. I have had a sore neck for nearly a week now. GRR! Not sure why or what is up with that. It seems to OKAY, but still sore, and I have been taking muscle relaxants like they are candy. Ok, maybe not that much, but I take at least 4 every 24 hours. I also am loving T!ger Balm. Love the stuff! I hope it goes away before my ladies retreat.

Today, I met up with a friend (co worker) for coffee. I couldn't find my phone, so I thought I had just left it at home. I ran errands (I mean, I went for another coffee, and got my bangs trimmed), and came home, only to find out that I had dropped my phone in the parking lot (probably as I was getting out of the car), and a VERY nice lady had taken it inside (while I was still there) and the Barista had texted my mom (yay for contacts!), and then Mom called home and let Anker know that it was there. So, suffice it to say, I was VERY thankful and happy that a) there are honest people out there and b) that it was found unbroken!

I got my bangs cut today. They were driving me nuts, and I want to wait for awhile before I cut the rest of my hair, so it was just my bangs today. I also spent time on the patio reading magazines today. It was SO lovely!! I still have yet to change into my Capri pants full time.

Yesterday was a home day. I stayed home and just relaxed all day. Loved and needed it. I did manage to make dinner and take the garbage and recycling out, but that was the extent of my productivity.

Sunday, I went to church alone (hubby hasn't gone in months), and then went out to Milestones for lunch with my friends, who were so sweet, and paid for my meal. I didn't take any pictures, but ma was the food DELISH! If you have a Milestones in your area, you should get the Knife and Fork French Toast. YUM! Ended up going to Walmart to grab a few things, and ran into a friend, and ended up going for coffee at McD's. We had a nice visit, something we hadn't had just the two of us in awhile. I came home and laid down, as my neck was sore, and watched movies. I hadn't seen the Jane Austen Book Club yet (I got it from the library), and it was surprisingly good. I changed the sheets on our bed and folded clothes.

Saturday was spent watching PVR'd movies all day. I did manage to get out for a few minutes to have coffee with my friends, but it was a home day other than that. I chatted with my friend for an hour, which was great. I had two nights of little sleep, which is unusual for me. Thankfully, last night was a much better night.

Friday,  I asked Anker to drive me to Walmart to grab a few things. Then we came home and I laid in bed for the rest of the day. It was a good weekend, and a quiet one, which was just fine with me.


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