Five (plus a few more) on Friday

Yes, I am still alive!!! I just haven't been into blogging much the last while. Not sure what it is. But I am back, at least for this week.

As I type this, I am sitting outside of Starbucks, and the sun, while it was out, has gone behind the clouds, and is a bit chillier than it was a few minutes ago...oh well...still no coat needed, which suites me just fine :)

I am linking up with the usual "suspects" for this weeks FoF. I may have a few more than five, because my life has just been that amazing!

1. Lots of Family Time.

During the winter, we don't get to my parents as often as we'd like, and they don't tend to come in as much, either. Well, last wknd, I went to the ranch, as it is the lambing season, and I also needed time to get out of the city. Anker didn't want to come, so I left Saturday, and came home Monday. It was a great time away. I will blog more about that in another post. My mom also spoke at my church's ladies Bible Study. I was very glad that I was able to go, and that I didn't get called to work.. We met up with them earlier in the day, and had coffee and a chat. Everyone loved my mom at Study, and she did a great talk. My aunt and uncle came in yesterday, and we had a quick chat with them over coffee. So yah, seeing lots of them lately, which is nice.

2. Twitter.

I am re-falling in love with Twitter. I love it. I joined in April 2009, but I really got into it last year. I use it more now that I have a better phone.

3. Remedy.

My new favourite show. Love it!! I wasn't going to get into another show, but in the first few minutes of this show, I was hooked. They had better not cancel it. It is the Canadian version of Grey's Anatomy, but better, b/c it is also about the "downstairs" crew, which is really cool. If you can catch on YT or online (Global TV Network) do it.

4. Lots of Deals.

I am scoring lots of deals lately. Why, just today, I bought a loaf pan, a kettle, a DVD (which I have been wanting to get anyway), two magazines for $11 at Value Village. That's Canadian. So yah, I am happy. I also found a $3 shirt from Walmart, and a really cool top from Value Village when we were on our girls trip a few wks ago. Speaking of magazines, I keep forgetting that Walmart has 3 mags for $10! All.the,time.

5. Magazines.

(Still) Speaking of magazines, I got my weekly magazines yesterday. I also got this months issue of Health and May's issue of Cosmo. Yah, I may be slightly addicted. Maybe.

6. $1 Drink Days.

$1 Drink Days are back at McD's. I was very happy to have found this out. Over a whole month earlier than usual.

7. Old Friends.

A few weeks ago, I started chatting with a friend that I met while I lived in Calgary. And we have been talking nearly every day since. We are even planning a girls trip this summer. We were at the same place in our lives when we met, and we are at again in a very similar neat :) I am just so happy that we have got re-aquainted.

8. Ladies Retreat.

Our church's ladies retreat is next month. I am so stoked!! I didn't go last year, as I just started my job at the store. Well, this year, I am for sure going. Got my ride picked out and everything. Well, I still have to pay...:)

9. Friends Getting Married

Tomorrow, I will put on my semi-forma clothes and attend a friends wedding. I love going to weddings. Perhaps because I don't get invited to many. trying to get hubby to come along, but I won't worry if he won't.

10. Hubby's Illness...

Ok, I am NOT thankful for it, but I AM thankful that we are getting things dealt with...when I say |"we", I mean "I". I FINALLY made sure that his liver biopsy requ. got to the radiology lab. I hope we hear back from them with a date next week. Then after the BX, the specialist will see him. We think that it is a an autoimmune disease of the liver. Nice. Poor hubby..he has not been well AT ALL. I am so upset that we let it get this far.

11. Spring Weather!

Finally, it is warming up. The other day it was +21C, and I was able to get outside on our green space and read for a bit. 

Well, I think that is all of now. I will add some pictures today or tomorrow. And hopefully another blog post or two.

Also, hop on over to my friend Kelly's for this weeks SUYL. She is doing a Pasta link up! I don't have any good pasta recipes (which is weird, b/c I LOVE pasta), so I won't be joining in (unless I think of something later), but I wanted to let ya'll know about the link up.


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