Five on Friday!

Yes!!! I am still alive! I know you all have missed me!!! I have lots of blogging posts to catch up on. But for now I will do FoF.

1. A new LED/Flat Screen TV.
I am sure we were the last people on earth to have a tube TV as their main TV. Well that changed awhile back. We got our tax refund a couple of weeks back, so we decided to use that to buy a tv that we have been wanting for awhile. We love it!
2. My New Favourite Drink at SBX.
I am REALLY (ok, i fail every day, but I try), am trying to lower the sugar in my the other day, I got a steamed milk with two sugar-free shots of vanilla. Ok, it's no MM, or Mocha, but it will do.
3. Chocolate. Lots of it.
I had a lot chocolate last wknd. My aunt gave me a dark chocolate bunny to eat over my night shifts last wknd. Since I am not a fan of DC, this was easy to do (not eat it at once). But it was very good. I ate his ears the first night, the belly the second night, and I still have the bum to eat. Poor Topsy Bunny.
I also got three C@dbury Creame Eggs. I ate one every night. Yum!

4. A Fixed Computer
Hubby Fixed my computer. I heart him.

5. Equ@te's Version of J0hnson's Lavender Baby Wash
I got it a few weeks ago. I love it. Seriously, that is now my new favourite bubble bath and body wash.


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