Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

 Happy Saturday/Sunday/Monday!
I had hoped do a link up a couple of Tuesdays ago about My Loves, but that didn't happen. We are still alive, and doing well. Here is a wrap up of my/our wknd:

The Weekend began Thursday night, as Friday was a PD Day.

Thursday: After school, I ran a few errands, and I went home, and had a quick shower, and grabbed a bit to eat, then I headed on over to the school for their annual Pajama-rama Evening. Y'all, it is the cutest thing, seeing all the primary kids in their jammies, listening to a story! Grades K-3 came for an hour or so of story telling by parent volunteers, and a couple of teachers. Yes, even we staff had our jammies on! At the end, we handed out cookies and milk. I stayed and chatted with the staff and moms, and came home. I am not sure what else I did. I think I relaxed and watched some TV, and went to bed.

Friday: We had a half-day of teaching/presentations, then some of us went to a local Indian food place for lunch. I am not a huge Indian food person, and I had never been there before, but it was pretty good. We had a lovely visit. Most of the staff left, and 4 of us stayed and talked...and we were about to leave, when our boss and her hubby came, so we stayed longer. I was feeling really tired, and not well, so instead of my usual going to the library, I went to the dollar store, and went home...and had a nap. For real. I actually slept. I woke up around 5 or so, and watched tv, and got ready for the evening. I ran a few errands, and then went to a friends "moving forward" (her words) party. I don't go out with people I don't know (well, I don't go to places/parties where I don't know people), but I thought that it was important for me to go, so I went. I am SO glad I did, b/c she was really happy that I came. I stayed nearly two hours, and had an ok time :)

Saturday: I had a super-long sleep in, and I managed to get laundry and dishes done. I watched TV (I am super-behind in the Victoria series), and just hung out and relaxed. I got dressed at 1, to head out to a co-worker's for a book party. Then I went to the library, and to the dollar store, before meeting up with my church ladies/group for dinner. I normally wouldn't go to dinner, due to money, but I said no last time, and I haven't seen them in ages, so I went. We had a nice evening together, and the food was really good. I got home around 8, and I spent the rest of the evening watching TV.....or SOMEthing! I think I watched some Frasier. I have a few seasons (dvds) out from the library, and I am enjoying watching a few episodes (I actually watched a lot of them this evening...Monday evening). I stayed up late, as usual.

Sunday: I went to church, helped on Nursery duty, and then went to the church potluck, and then came home, and home and relaxed for awhile (I think I watched Grey's, and some of Victoria), and then went to my friends for a few hours. For the first time in years, I missed watching the Oscars, and they didn't record, so I only can see them through the magazines, and tv repeats. Yes, I heard/saw/read what happened. I feel bad for La-La Land, but it is just a show, so I won't lose any sleep over it. Anyway, it was crazy-busy wknd, but it was a fun change from the normal of relaxing, and watching too much tv.

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