Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope you are all having a good week. Today felt like two days in one, but, at least tomorrow is Hump Day, and it is a 4 day work week for me, so I am happy!

Here is last wknds WWU:

Friday: After work/school (it was a great wk, btw), I ran a few errands, tried to find a tax program, and then came home. I was hankering for mutton chops (no nasty PETA-related emails, please), so I cooked them, and then Anker and I ate dinner (he had veggies and potatoes), and watched the news. I ended up making cookies and banana muffins. The cookies turned out well (I had made the same recipe a month or go, and they turned out really chewy...Anker liked them...so I decided to make them again...and they turned out normal...lol...either I made them wrong last time, or I made them wrong this time..anyway..they turned out well), the muffins did not. I had a bath, and then watched Nine Lives (funny movie), and of course, did my FB, etc. I actually went to bed at 11-1130, or some such silly early time (for a weekend).

Saturday: I woke up at 8 (EIGHT AM!) and I scrolled through my phone, and relaxed in bed for awhile. I watched Dateline and20/20, and toast for brunch. I hung out and then I went to/for coffee with the new neighbours. Her hubby came along, too (I think they thought that both of us were inviting them), so it was nice to get to know both of them. She and I went to the library, and ran up the hill to Walmart to grab the tax program. That's when the day got weird. Anker started on the taxes, while I hung out in the bedroom, watching tv, etc. At around 7, I went to our other neigbours to visit with her while Anker finished. He ended up taking until 9:30 to do them. That's right...over 6 hours to do taxes. Ugh! In the end, it had something to do with my EI that I received last summer. Anyway...I ran out to get something to eat, and then watched Love Story. I actually had started to watch Manchester by the Sea, but it was so boring, and so full of F-bombs, that I just quit watching it. Life it too short for bad movies!

Sunday: It decided to snow. Awesome. I nearly didn't go to church, but I kinda wanted to go, so I went. I ran a couple of errands, then came home and did dishes. I watched W/Hallmark movies from about 130-9. It was SO FUN! I had PVR'd them awhile back, and I thought it would be fun to watch them. I went to bed around 10, and laid in bed until midnight. Ugh. Anyway...that was my/our wknd.

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Abbie - Lilypad & Bow said...

Oh wow snow! I'd give anything for a bit of snow here in the rainy UK! x #letsbefriends

The A Team said...

Thank you for visiting, Abbie!!


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