Friday, March 17, 2017


Here are just a few random things that I felt like sharing with you..b/c, well, I can :)

Our school dressed up in green and some of them had fun accessories. I just bought a school tshirt, which is green, and one of the teachers gave me stickers, which I used as earrings. Very cool. We didn't do a ton of stuff today, either, as we were all exhausted. I ended up bringing (as in buying) SPD mini cupcakes, of which the kids devoured.

After school, I was hoping to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Shamrock Shake with our dinner from McD's. I was very disappointed to find out that they were out. I almost went back, this evening, but I don't need it, but man, was I ever bummed.

I went to Starbucks twice this time was with our new neighbour. I went yesterday, and I got a peppermint frap (their version of the Shamrock Shake), which was good. I also go their SunDried Ethioptian Coffee, which is very good.

I watched Driving Miss Daisy for the first time ever this evening. It was slow, but really good. I am happy that it won Best Picture in 1990 at the Oscars.

I have not been eating healthy the last while. I mean, I don't eat junk food, but I am definitely eating not as healthy as I should. I think I will start again to eat a bit healthier.

I hope to get some of our guest room cleared out from under our Christmas stuff. Should be fun times, for sure.

Beauty and the Beast came out today (or yesterday, if you could get an advanced showing), and I am kind of looking forward to watching it. I might to with the sisters in the next week or so, but I may just wait until it comes out on DVD.

Speaking of DVDs, and Oscar movies, I put lot of Oscar-nom and Winners on hold at our library the other day. I am really looking forward to watching (most of) them. I really want to see Fences, Loving, Elle, etc. La-La Land looks good, too.

I am heading to my parents' place sometimes during SB. The plan was originally to Chill and Grill at the B&B, but that won't work out, so I am going to hang out with Vienna (and Mom too...maybe.ha!). We are going to have a sister's suite all set up with movies, magazines, and wine. I am actually liking this plan much better, anyway.

Speaking of sisters and plans, we are both hoping to head out to our cousins wedding (our first cousin once removed, but, same thing) in the spring. This is hoping that I have money, and a few other logistics.

I started this wknd/SB with watching two movies (well, three, but I am not really watching this one...I have it on as I am blogging). One that I won't say here (it wasn't horrible, just not great), and Driving Miss Daisy. I can't blv that two movies took me nearly hours to watch. Weird. And no, I didn't even use the new dvd player...I just put them in my laptop. Now THAT is weird.

I have PVR'd a few "new" shows yesterday. I won't necessarily watch them all, but I am getting tired of my regular shows that I watch, and I am wanting some new ones. A few of them I have never heard before, so I will see if I like them. I also need a series to binge watch soon...any ideas? Or maybe I should just watch all those movies I have on hold!!

My (one of many) brothers and his wife are having their baby girl in three months!! I am so excited!!!

I still haven't read a book. I am still only reading magazines. That being said....I still do LOOK through books..I just tend not to read them.

Our snow is gone...GONE, I tell you!! Tho, the Coque is supposed to get up to 20cms this weekend. Glad I don't live there. There have been a lot of storms on the East Coast. I am glad I don't live there, either. That being said...we Canadians know how to hold up in the snow, and they took it like champs.

I got a cold while I was away; it actually started Thursday night. I thankfully was able to enjoy the weekend, and not take another day off, but I sure was feeling punk a couple of days.

I am trying to think of some thought-provoking post to write...but alas, I am still in the thinking stages. One day, I will get around to writing one worthy of your eyes and thoughts.

I am "making" new IG, FB, and Blogging friends (following) in the last few weeks. I have about 240 blogs that I follow, and countless people I follow on IG and Twitter.

One of my blogging/Fb friends celebrated her girl's 7th birthday in heaven on Thursday. Hannah is both a Facebook/Blog and IG friend of mine, who had her baby girl, Lily 7 years ago (about the same time I was in the hospital for my heart/lung issues) who was stillborn. If you feel led, head on over and say hi.

Speaking of Lily, our Daily Lilies are coming, up, and I took a picture and posted them to her wall, in memory of her girl.

Calico cracks us both up every day. I take way more pictures of her than is probably allowed, but she is so adorable, I just can't help it.

My former co-worker/friend's dad died the other day from a sudden heart attack.  I will probably go and spend some time with her tomorrow for a bit.

Well, I think that is enough random-ness for now!!!

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