She's Here!!!

After nearly 2 years in The Philippines, my sister arrived home last (Monday) night. We had big plans of all going up to my brother and SIL's house after picking up said sister for a quick bite to eat dinner. Well, life doesn't always turn out the way we hoped, planned and wanted. Her plane got delayed (get this), 3 times! Yo...I didn't know it was even POSSIBLE for planes to get delayed FROM Canada (she was coming from YVR) that many times! Poor thing had been there for 7 hours, and had been travelling for 48 (or something). Well, Anker came with us to see her come in, and then we dropped Anker off (he nearly came with us, but he was too tired), and I drove up the hill to A and K's. Yes, we had a huge supper at 9 pm. It was actually nice. Mom, Dad and V left around 9:30, and I stayed until 1030. Yes, I was out/ up late on a school night. Yes, I paid for it today. Oh well. I am glad that I got to hang out with her for a bit. We are having a bit of a welcome home/bday party for her this wknd. It should be fun, and I am looking forward to it. Anyway...we are very happy she is home, safe and sound, and I am glad to have my sister back.

And yes, I got her flowers :) Thanks, Mom, for the dumb picture of me :) The other one she took was blurry. I had tried to take some pics of her coming off the plane, and her coming into the airport, but they really didn't turn out.

So, that's the latest and greatest in our neck of the woods.

PS: Winter can leave ANYTIME!!


Josie Two Shoes said…
How wonderful to have her safely home after so long! Sounds like that was a miserable plane trip, glad she made it ok. I know you'll have a lot to catch up on! The photo was cute! :-)
The A Team said…
I am sorry...I thought that I had seen this comment already, but I guess I hadn't. Thank you again for visiting!!! The photo was weird, but thank you for your kind

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