Friday Things

 Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great wknd. We are on a two week spring break, so I am pretty happy about that. I am resting, reading, visiting family/friends, going out for coffee, errands, library, watching tv/movies, and I hope to get some cleaning done this week. Here are some Fives from last week.

1) Time with Family (During Spring Break)

I went out to spend time with my family over the first few days of Spring Break. I will probably blog about it this week. I had a great time, resting, visiting with family, and watching movies/tv.

2) Things for our Bedroom (sheets/duvet set/mirror)

After we got our Tax Return back, we decided to head on over to Jysks to grab a few things. We actually went to get a new cat tree for Calico (see below). I found a duvet set for $14! I actually thought it was $20, but when I got to the till, it was $14! Yay! The sheets were about $15 (I think), and I also found a mirror for $5. Cheap stuff FTW.

3) New Cat Tree

We saw a new cat tree in in the flyer for $80. I have been kind of looking for another one, since the one we had was getting old, gross, etc. I actually thought it had more room to sit, but it looks so nice. Calico says that the jury is still out on whether she likes it or not.

4) New Tablet

Mom gave me a new Tablet that she got with their new plan. I have used it to watch a few shows, but I still have to play around with it. I like it better than watching things on my phone, or even my laptop, especially when I am laying down. I will probably end up using it much more in the coming months.

5) The Crown

V and I started watching the The Crown while I was visiting. Oh, my goodness. I love this show! I was able to find a few more episodes on YT, which I have started watching (on the new tablet).


Robin said…
Calico is a pretty kitty!
The A Team said…
aww..thank you so much!!!

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