From Sunday-Weds last wk, I went to the Ranch for a few days. I had initially thought about staying in the B&B, but it ended up being booked, so stayed in one of the guest rooms. It was a fun 3 days away, and I had such great time visiting, relaxing, and eating :)

I skipped church on Sunday, and left around noon; loaded with snack, movies, tv series, and magazines. I love driving myself; I don't have to worry about the traffic, I can go at my own pace, stop when I want, etc. I got in around 2:30. Mom, V and I watched an episode of Dateline, then I helped Mom out with some things at the B&B. Cadence came down, and we watched Safe Haven with Mom. I hadn't seen in awhile (I have the movie), and it was good to see it again. Then, after, C, V and I had snacks, and wine while we watched Frasier. I think we were up until 1:30.

Monday, we three girls visited (C stayed over), and we went about our respective activities. I helped Mom with laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. H came around noon, for the week, so I spent some time with him. I think Mom and I read some magazines together, and then H and I went feeding sheep. We came home and had supper, and V and I watched Big Bang, and then Frasier.

Tuesday, I helped out again, and watched H while Mom did some work. He and I played Lego, and we watched TV, and I read. I relaxed in the bedroom for a bit, and then we had supper of lamb and mutton. I visited with one of my aunts for an hour in the evening, and then V and I watched two episodes of The Crown. We both went to bed around 11...we were so tired!!! We ended up sharing a bed, which was kind of fun.

I didn't take too many pictures, but I did post some of them on FB and IG.


Mother Bear said…
Since our ranch is a great get-away for others so glad my daughter considers the place a choice for a get-away for sad that the Heritage Cabin wasn't available for you---but maybe next time!--Karen Moillet

The A Team said…
Mom...You found my blog!!! :)

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