Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Five on Friday

Hope every had a lovely week! Our went by really well, and quite fast, thanks to the 4 day work/school week!

K, this was to be put on TWO Fridays ago...so it is a bit out of date...but it is still relevant.

So, here are my fives for the week:

1) A Great Score on a DVD/VCR/Flat Screen TV
A couple of weeks go, I went on a few FB ISO/Classified pages, and asked around for a flat screen tv and or dvd/vcr machine. I ended up getting both for 60 bucks. My old tube tv looked like there was angels on it all the time....it was much too white, the colour was off, and it was really getting on my nerves, and I was getting tired of it. So, I decided to do something about it.

2) A Busy Social Calendar

A couple of weekends ago, I was super busy over the wknd. It was actually a bit too busy for my liking, but I did enjoy spending time with my friends. I blogged about it in this post, so you can read about it here. I also had wings with my friend last Tuesday, I had coffee with the neighbours on Saturday (I have decided that we will be BFFs with them), and of course, seeing my sister home/visiting with family on Monday. Last Thursday, I visited K and H, as they had been away for two weeks. I had a nice 1 hr visit with them, and I looked at their pictures.

3) Spring Break is SOON!

Spring break is just over a week. We are all very excited!

4) Organizing
I did some organizing in our bathroom a couple of weeks ago..I put some of our powders, perfume, etc in two baskets, and organized my make up. #organizinggoals

5) Mutton Chops

I was hankering for mutton chops the other day, and I asked Anker if we had any, and we did, so I made some for supper on Friday. They were DELISH!

So, even though this is late, these are still some of my faves!!!

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Josie Two Shoes said...

Wow, you scored a great deal on that TV combo!! We had a dinosaur for a long time too and I was amazed at how good the flat screen looked when we got it! Time with friends is great for recharging your batteries. Awesome job of organizing the bathroom, they get so cluttered! I've never had mutton, but it sounds yummy. Enjoy spring break! :-) Come and join us for Six Sentence Stories and Ten Things of Thankful this week if you have time, would love to see you there!

The A Team said...

HI Josie...sorry for the delay in responding to your lovely comment. I should probably link up with TToT again soon!!! I think you might like mutton...you should try it. Thank you again for visiting.


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