Monday, March 27, 2017

Family Weekend

The weekend of March 10-12, most of we siblings got together at my parents' place for a birthday/welcome home wknd for Vienna. Mom had planned it a few months prior, as it was a milestone bday for her, as well as her coming home after being gone for over 2 yrs (she did come home two yrs ago in June for a month, so I guess it was only 20 months that she had been gone). It was a wonderful weekend, with lots of fun, food, laughter, and family :)

I ended up taking the Friday off, which is was a good thing, as I hadn't done a thing to get ready prior, so I spent most of Friday getting ready. I packed, vacuumed the car, gave Mom lunch (she came over for a few minutes to grab lunch on her way to pick up my oldest/younger brother and his family from the airport), ran some errands, and picked up Grandma from the airport. It had snowed the night before, so I was very stressed on how the roads would be, but by the time she came in (her flight was delayed 2 times...another good thing, as I had gotten behind, and still had things to do), most of the snow had melted off the road, and it was really nice and sunny. The trip out was great, and we got there around 6. Anker and I stayed at the B&B, which is always nice when there is a lot of family and activities going on. Friday evening, we had a lovely HUGE spaghetti supper. That was just with the siblings, parents, and gramma. We spent the evening visiting and relaxing (if I can remember). We were all really tired, so I think most of us went to bed early (again, I remember what all we did, but I think that is what we did).

Saturday, the little kids went feeding the sheep with their dads and Grandpa. We all just hung out, visited, read, and did our respective things. We also started on dinner prep. We had mutton, lasagna, and two or three other main courses. She wanted a taste of Canada meal, so Mom had us make a few different things. We also ribs and taco salad/dip. See, that is what I like to take a picture of what I I can remember! Anyway, it was a delish meal, and we also had pie and cake for dessert. She also opened up her birthday gifts, and we all went around the table, saying what we missed most about her while she was away. There was plans to eat again around 7 (our meal was at 2), but we were all so full, that we just had snacks. Anker and I went back to the B&B for a bit. I actually napped a bit, and then I went back to M/D's and ended up visiting until 10 or so. We had a lovely visit, and when most everyone left, some of we siblings talked with Dad and Mom for a bit. Anker ended up sleeping all night (except to get up to stoke the fire). I also had a bit of a cold all wknd, but I managed to keep it (mostly) at bay.

Sunday was my worst day, and I probably should have stayed home from church, but V was speaking, so I wanted to go. After church, we all came home, and had ham, shepherd's pie and potatoe salad. We all went for a walk (there was a ton of snow, so the kids loved it), and then we hung out for a bit, and some of them checked out a few things on the ranch. They were all to have pizza, but due to not knowing on how the roads would be, and our wanting a bit of time to chill before I went back to work, we left around 6. The roads were great, and the trip was the best trip in awhile, as there was no traffic. Odd, I know. We ended up taking the pizza dough (homemade), and some of the fixings, and by the time we got home, assembled the pizza, cooked it, and ate it, it was around 9:30, but it was SO good!!! We have been having a lot of pizza lately.

So, that was our wknd!!! It was great to see everyone, especially my nieces who I never see. The wknd was wonderful, and I am glad that Mom organized it.

Here are some pics of the wknd:

                           I don't think that it has snowed this much around her birthday before.

                                            Vienna holding the hat that Anker had made.
 Every birthday, Mom takes a picture of the birthday child, with their siblings who were with them that day to help them celebrate.

                                                     The sibs and the out-laws.

                                        This is how we roll at our house. We just sit and talk.

So, a back story to this...Gramma had given the kids some Bunchems, not really know on how bad they can be if caught in your hair. My aunt decided to play around and throw one in her hair...which got caught, and they had to cut a bit of her hair to get it out. That was the entertainment for the evening.
 The kids on the walk.

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