Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

 I had hoped to link up last week, but I never got around to here it is...a week late :) But the "Thankfuls" are still the same!

1) GC to/for Safeway
Valentine's Day I was given a gift card to/for Safeway at school. I have no clue who it's from, but we were so blessed, surprised, blown away, and humbled (it was quite the amount).

2) Handy Hubby (Computer Fixer)
This time, he fixed the bugs, etc. Now, it works...with (a little) less drama!

3) An awesome PAC Lunch
 Two Fridays ago, our PAC gave we staff a wonderful Hawaiian-themed appreciation lunch. It was very good. We had pulled pork bunwiches, cupcakes, was SO GOOD!

4) Sister is arriving home in two weeks
She is arriving in less than two weeks! I cannot wait!!!
[Edited February 27, 2017: I should add that she has been away for nearly 2 years doing her Midwifery Training in The Philippines. This isn't a normal coming-home arrival. She did come home June 2015, but it was only for a few weeks. So, as you can see, this is a big thing!!!]

5) Awesome Co-workers/Friends
I love my co-workers, who are also friends!!! They are always so encouraging, and always put a smile on my face. 

6) Warm Weather
K, well, it was warm last week, when I started this! It has gotten cold again, but it is still KIND OF warm! 

7) Our NICE Neighbours
We have nice, normal neighbours. I hope to have them over sometime this week for coffee and dessert.
8) Calico
I love our kitty. She always makes us smile. I think I take a picture of her and post it on FB/IG nearly every day.

9) Family
I love my family. They are always there to support us when we need it.

10) Pay Day (and this just added for this week)/Hubs' full PWD Benefits
I am very happy for pay day...and that Anker got his full PWD amount on Wednesday. We were hurting hard until I got paid on the 15th.

Those are my Thankfuls for the last couple of weeks. What are you thankful for?


Val said...

So glad you linked up. The thankfuls we carry from week to week are the ones that are important in our lives. That's a wonderful surprise gift certificate from a kind person. Have friends that you work with is a true blessing. I love spending time with my sister, too, and I can feel your excitement at her arrival. Have a good week and hope to see you back here.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hello April! I am delighted that you joined us at TToT this week! Val is right, the biggest thankfuls in our lives... family, friends, and even felines, are the best ones! You will see that many of us repeat these themes over the weeks. I love that you were given the Safeway gift card too. At one time many years ago when we were struggling to make ends meet someone left several bags of groceries on our doorstep along with recipes they could be used for. It was the kindest gift ever! You are so very blessed to have a job you like with great co-workers. I used to plan the semi-annual parties where I worked, and it was so much fun. Hawaiian themes always go over well! It is nice to be appreciated! If you check out my page at, you will see pictures of our four furkids who never cease to keep us amazed and amused. Wishing you and your husband a good week ahead, Spring will be headed your way to stay before too much longer!

Patricia said...

Lovely thankfulness list. How wonderful to get a surprise gift card. Some people know what we need and when we need it and do something about it because they have good hearts. Liking the people we work with makes working so much more pleasant. I have two cats, my catkids I call them. Have a happy week.

Carin Diaz said...

My dogs cannot complain about me taking their pictures, so unlike my teens. Or at least, they don't have the "words" to say. :)

Clark Farley said...

Welcome to the TToT! Surely one of the best* of all bloghops in the 'sphere.
I liked your list... though I've been participating here for quite some time, I always read with interest those TToT posts that manage to be comprehensive and organized and...and! heartfelt. (I can do one of these three things frequently, one occasionally and another sometimes... all three in the same post? no way!)
glad you joined in!

Kristi said...

Sisters, family, and normal neighbors--what wonderful supports!

Anonymous said...

Family, friends, and felines who make us smile - can't ask for much more than that in life. And yet, you have so much more on here. Our cats are a never-ending source of entertainment for our family. Terrific animals. We got a surprise gift card like that once when we were going through a very tough time and it was so touching. What a wonderful thing!

The A Team said...

Thank you all for visiting my blog!!!


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