Friday, February 17, 2017

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Ours went well, and it went by super fast. Thank you, 4 day work week!!!

Here are some top fives of the week.

1) Family Day

Monday we had our 5th (?) BC Family Day. Alberta has had one for years, and I think Onatrio has had one for a long time, as well, and BC was whining about having one for YEARS, and the year I was at school for my School/Community Support Prgrm we had our first one, and I love having an extra day off. I think this was the second year that it really made a last year I was off on sick leave, and the previous two years, I was working at my support worker job, so that didn't really apply to us. It was nice having an extra day off. The kids and staff sure needed it (A quick wknd recap at the end of this post)!

2) Valentine's Day

Anker and I have nearly always had "dud" V-Days. I don't know what it year we had a fight, and most years, we don't have enough money to celebrate, etc. Actually, we did go out last year for a dinner, which was nice. Well, this year, we were gifted (next "Fave") a GC to a local grocery store that allowed us to eat more than 1 wk old stew, so we actually had a lovely ready-made ham dinner, and had a nice dinner and visit around the table. It was in the living room, but still. Yes, we spent the rest of the evening in our respective parts of the house, but hey...I am happy that we had some time together. We actually went out shopping together for the groceries, and he bought me a potted rose plant, and I well, didn't get him anything..ha! V-Day was great at school! I got a ton of cards and some chocolates from the kids at school, and I did do cards up for the kids. It was a fun day, and in the afternoon, we had a fun party of treats and games. I also got taken out to/for coffee by a friend.

                 Anker did make brownies. They didn't turn out great, but they aren't too bad with icing.

3) Gift Card

An anonymous person (I STILL can't figure out on who!) gifted us a GC from/to/for a local grocery store. It came at a crucial time, in we which we needed it the most. We are both humbled, blown away, and thankful for this.
I ended up buying a People magazine with This is Us' Chrissy Metz on it. I love her. #fangirl #girlcrush

4) 100 Day

100 Day happened yesterday, and it was a fun time and CRAZY time! It was the first time that whole primary department had done it, so it was quite the undertaking, and experiment! It was a fun morning, with lots of activities surrounding 100 :)
I didn't get super dressed up for 100 Day, but I did manage to put on my bathrobe...for about 2 second for this picture. I will do better next time. Maybe.

5) A Great Family Day Wknd

I had a lovely (if somewhat weird) wknd last wknd. Friday, I stayed home and watched TV (I think). I actually cleaned our bathroom Friday night. I know..#adulting! Saturday, my plans kept changing, but I did have a great day. I slept in, hung out in the morning, went to the library, grabbed a quick bite to eat with coffee, came home, and then went up to A and K's for supper (Anker might have come with me, but his teeth have been bothering him something fierce, and he was a bit grumpy). We had a lovely supper of spaghetti and garlic bread. I hadn't seen any of them in awhile, so we had a nice chat. H is hilarious! I came home around 10, and stayed up late. I had plans of going to church on Sunday, but I ended up going to my friends house to kitty/house sit for a few hours. I read magazines, and played with their new kitty. I grabbed coffee, and went to my friends for a few hours. I came home and just hung out. Monday was Family Day, and Anker and I had a nice day; watching T&T news conference from the White House, and ran a few errands, and then we had some stroganoff for supper. I think this was the day/night that I put a few things up/in the bidding sites...and some of them even sold!! #coffeemoney

The above pics are from the last few times this week that I have gone for coffee. Yes, too much, I know. I think they will be few and far btwn for the next while.

 Our friends' kitty...Sweety :)

Loved these blueberry perogies. She told me I could have some, and they were really good!!!

Oh yes....and even this happened LAST week, it is worth being shared....ANOTHER snowstorm!

And now...there has been LOTS of town. I am thankful that we are ok, but there have been a few people that I know who have had some flooding happen in their homes.

And...just two tidbits...because, well, you know...I can...:)

I have been putting some Berenstain Bears Books on hold at the public library, as well as I have been putting some Veggietales DVDs on know...for the kids :)

I also bought a new top from Wal-Mart today. I am getting tired of my clothes. I am not a clothes horse, but like to buy the occasional piece of clothing (i love clothes...I just hate finding them, trying them on, and paying for them!). I found a lovely longish rusty red top today, and I really like it. I will model it and post on/in here in the next day or so.

Well, I think that is all for now. I have another post that I will be doing either today or tomorrow. I may also do a TToT post this weekend, as well.

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